Destiny 2’s” Arc Week is now live alongside the changes that Bungie made to both of the game’s Arc and non-Arc subclasses. The developer also announced the return of the Exotic heavy machine gun – the Thunderlord and its quest will run from April 9 until the 23rd. Within a day of being launched, players are beginning to stumble upon some quality of life changes in the game including some information on how to get the Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle, the Arbalest.

Arbalest leak

Reddit user u/Eander posted the leaked intel over on r/DestinyTheGame where it featured links connecting the weapon to the former Guardian Outfitter.

D2” YouTuber MoreConsole even listed the quest steps to getting the new Exotic in his recent upload:

  • Classified – Speak to Eva Levante at the Tower Bazaar.
  • Choose a Mood – Use Reveler’s Tonic to apply Good Moods.
  • A Modest Request – Accept a Revelry Bounty from Eva Levante.
  • Into the Woods – Clear branches of the Verdant Forest.
  • The Revelry Continues – Return to Eva Levante at the Tower Bazaar to unlock Revelry Bounties.

The leaker also stated in his post that the Arbalest can be purchased from Eva using 300 of a yet-to-be-revealed currency, adding that this currency can be earned by accomplishing Revelry Bounties. If u/Eander’s leak is anything to go by, most of these upcoming bounties will reward players with 25 of this mystery material, hence completing 12 bounties should be enough to buy the Exotic.

Enhancement Core exploit

Meanwhile, a new exploit (now disabled) has been discovered by players where prior to the patch, were able to get unlimited Enhancement Cores just by simply grabbing the Season 6 Pinnacle Weapons.

According to YouTuber Esoterickk, each time players redeem these weapons and dismantle them they receive seven Enhancement Cores. As mentioned, Bungie tweeted out that the acquisition of the Pinnacle Weapons has been temporarily disabled until they resolve the issue.

Wavesplitter bug

Another issue that’s being looked at is a bug where the PlayStation 4 exclusive weapon, the Wavesplitter, was made available for both PC and Xbox One players.

Per Community Manager Cozmo, they are currently working on a fix, adding that PC and Xbox players who got the weapon can still use it. However, once they’ve devised a resolution for the bug, the weapon will stay in the inventory, though players won’t be able to equip it until the Wavesplitter enters the generic Exotic loot pool this September.

Off-class gear inspection

There’s also a couple of quality of life improvements in the game that were not included in the patch notes of the 2.2.1 update. Players have pointed out that they can now see Ghost projections while inspecting their Ghosts.

They also noticed that they are now able to preview armor/gear from other classes. That said, Dmg addressed these two, stating that he’ll be updating the patch notes.