"Fortnite: Battle Royale" is no stranger to hosting massive real-time events in the game and we can say the same for the latest addition to season 8. After the huge metal bunker appeared in Loot Lake in patch v8.40, "Fortnite: Battle Royale" has started gearing up for its major event of the current season and it seems like the mysterious Runes, that have appeared all across the map, are going to play a big role in it.

Mysterious Runes in Fortnite

"Fortnite" players have already seen Runes in season 6 when the giant floating Island, that had Kevin the Cube stuck below it, traveled across the map and activated them one by one.

Unlike those Runes, the ones currently found on the map have appeared out of nowhere and they are moving towards Loot Lake with the help of players. The live event has garnered the attention of millions of players and it even has a megathread dedicated to it on the official subreddit of "Fortnite: Battle Royale."

The Rune that is currently the center of attention can be found, in the western part of the icy biome, on the map. The Rune moves a couple of meters when it is dealt a specific amount of damage and then its health bar resets. The Rune initially had almost 15 million HP and as more and more players have started to participate in the event, the health points have increased to almost 1 billion HP.

The current rate at which players are damaging the Rune is almost 1 million HP per second and we might see an increase in the rate when more player join.

What is the Rune Symbol at Loot Lake?

If you've landed at the Loot Lake recently, you would have probably noticed that a strange orange colored symbol has appeared near the metal hatch.

At first, players thought that it might be a bug since the Runes appeared recently and one of the five vacant spaces is already filled. But maybe the hologram in the Loot Lake is indicating that the Rune of the similar symbol is supposed to fill that place.

According to "Fortnite" famous leaker, Hypex, the Rune is moving around the map in the same order as Kevin the Cube.

The map has changed a lot since season 6, the Runes might move a little bit further on the icy biome before they reach their final destination.

Some players have reported that they are seeing Runes of different symbols at the same location on different platforms. Whatever the case may be, the hatch is definitely going to open once all the five Runes gather near Loot Lake. Considering that "Fortnite" has been testing the synced damage feature since season 7, there's a chance that Epic Game will surprise players with a boss battle once the hatch opens.

Epic Games has always brought unique content to "Fortnite" with each new season and this time we might get to see the game's first Battle Royale boss.