Epic Games teased patch v8.40 for "Fortnite: Battle Royale" a couple of days prior to its release with the Epic/Legendary Infantry Rifle teaser in the in-game news feed. Even though some of the major additions to the game were already announced in the patch notes, the biggest change to the map came with a surprise. "Fortnite's" famous location Loot Lake went through a big renovation with this update and it seems like Epic Games is preparing "Fortnite" for season 9 with this change.

All map changes in update v8.40

Last week, the appearance of excavations sites on different locations of the map concluded with the discovery of huge metal hatch near Loot Lake.

After the latest update, the whole Loot Lake is mostly dug which has revealed a mysterious facility below the surface. Fragments from Kevin the Cube have also disappeared from the area and a large, indestructible hatch has appeared right below it.

Some players have theorized that Kevin the Cube might return to the "Fortnite" because during the Butterfly event in season 6 before the purple cube shattered it dropped some sort of white crystal in the vortex. Now that we finally know that the facility was below the island all along, there's a chance that piece of the cube is still inside the facility.

Reddit user fxck_itz_josh has discovered that the area under Loot Lake has some sort of "rings" that are surrounding the facility. There are a total of 12 rings below Loot Lake and it is speculated that it might be the countdown to the next major event in the game. "Fortnite" leaker Hypex has found that a clicking sound near Loot Lake can be heard after every five to twenty minutes.

The food war in Retail Row rages on because the famous Durr-Burger mascot has returned to the restaurant, right in front of the Tomato Head restaurant.

The mascot has returned to "Fortnite" just in time for the Food Feed - Deep Fried Limited Time Mode.

New basements have also appeared inside houses in two locations. The entrance to the basements has been blocked by different objects.

The Vikings in "Fortnite" have overtaken yet another house in Snobby Shores. Only one more house remains in Snobby Shored that has not been invaded yet and it seems like they are going to put up a fight to stop the invasion.

Last but not least, the Rock Golem, that was trying to make her way to the other Rock Golem and fell into the lava near the Volcano, is finally out of the lava. Now, her significant other is climbing down the hill to reach her. It seems like it will take a couple of updates before they are finally together.

"Fortnite" season eight's major event is definitely close and with the Discovery challenge skin "Ruin" is only a couple of days away from being unlockable, there's a chance that it might be related to this season's major event.