Bungie’s next This Week at Bungie blog post is scheduled to be published tomorrow and the game maker gave a bit of a preview on what “Destiny 2” players will be expecting from it. Patch notes for hotfix have been posted and they detailed the issues that were resolved by the dev team. They also revealed some information regarding the changes and fixes that are planned for the game’s 2.2.1 update.

Enhancement Cores and vendor purchases, 'Destiny 2'

Community Manager Dmg recently tweeted that he had talks with the dev team about the “D2” community’s feedback on Enhancement Cores.

He revealed that the upcoming TWAB will have a portion that will tackle it, adding that it will also cover goals of the currency and plans for future seasons.

He also addressed an issue among PC players where they are experiencing some unusual stuff in their inventory (Engrams in odd place, inventory being sorted oddly). He advised affected players to make sure that they have taken the recent hotfix and log back in.

Dmg, over on Bungie’s forums, also stated that they are collecting feedback on vendor purchases. He even took note of some suggestions that were pitched by players as these were already given to the dev team:

  • Request for more Gunsmith reputation gains for Weapon Telemetries
  • Better chances for Gunsmith weapons when exchanging materials
  • An option to earn either Mod Components or Enhancement Cores from the Gunsmith
  • Option to pick between Armor and Weapons at vendors alongside some reputation packages (Crucible, Vanguard)

He pointed out, though that they are unable to address these suggestions at the moment, but assured that updates will be rolled out as soon as they arise.

'D2’s' 2.2.1 update

Meanwhile, someone from the game’s subreddit brought up an issue regarding the Titan’s Stronghold gauntlets not working with the Black Talon Exotic sword.

Per Dmg, a fix for this issue is already planned for “D2’s” 2.2.1 update.

He also responded to concerns about Nightfall handicap and revealed that they are working on a tweak that will add more buttons. Just like the Stronghold-Black Talon fix, it will also be part of the 2.2.1 patch but he pointed out that this is still subject to change during the course of its development.

He went on reminding players that the handicap score multipliers do not apply until being at a 100 handicap or higher. Other fixes that are included in the April update (2.2.1) include: