Community Manager Dmg recently tweeted out that they will buff the drop rates, for Dreaming City items in “Destiny 2,” in an upcoming patch. It can also be recalled in a previous TWAB post that the developer also hinted at a possible drop rate increase for the One Thousand Voices Exotic Fusion Rifle to which Dmg already confirmed over on Twitter. He also addressed other concerns about the game that involves Forges and Nightfall.

Drop rate buffs

It's been revealed that the above-mentioned changes will be included in the upcoming 2.2.1 patch. Though, Dmg stated that the update will be rolled out after the Shattered Throne week adding that it (the patch) “won’t be for a few weeks.” The community manager also tweeted about the drop rates for that elusive One Thousand Voices Exotic being buffed as well.

On unlocking Forges account-wide

Someone from the game’s subreddit recently pitched in an idea to unlock Forges account-wide that gained a lot of upvotes from the community. Dmg has been made aware of such a suggestion, though he said that he can’t make any promises on this one.

He further explained that it is “much more than a single value that could be changed” adding that there will be a “development time and test wake” that would happen. This will eventually be given more importance over bug fixes and other feature development.

Nightfall multiplier clarifications

A few days ago, Dmg also made some clarifications regarding the Nightfall multiplier. This after a post from a Reddit user stating that handicaps for the Nightfall forces players to be underleveled before the multiplier increases.

Per Dmg, he included this tweak in the patch notes adding that there was no intention of a stealth nerf. He also stated that with each season, they’re increasing the max power that players can achieve and looking at further changes and tuning to the Five Swords Challenge Card for a future update.

Truth to Power Lore Exploit

Meanwhile, YouTuber Cheese Forever uploaded a clip talking about what he calls a Truth to Power Lore exploit that leads to the World’s First Chronicler Seal.

He pointed out that it originated from another “D2” player (Evil Ming Doctor) as it allows players to get two lore pieces every curse cycle instead of one. According to the YouTuber, it is important that players need to be on the game’s weekly reset and added that it is as simple as turning in an offering before the weekly reset and collecting the chest after the reset.