A new TWAB blog post has just been released and it focused on “Destiny 2’s” latest season including its new content. It also listed the issues that were encountered by the game’s player base early on in the season. Players, on the other hand, are beginning to notice what others deem as an exploit in the Exotic fusion rifle One Thousand Voices after the weapon’s recent buff.

An exploit after the buff

YouTuber Cheese Forever is just one of the “Destiny 2” players who noticed the exploit. Apparently, the buff to the weapon was a bit too much as it increases all of the player’s damage output by roughly 23 to 25 percent.

Players will just have to equip the weapon (no ammo necessary) and voila, their grenade, melee, super, and other weapons on hand will have increased damage. Cheese added that the exploit works in Gambit, but not with invaders.

A couple of days ago, someone over on r/DestinyTheGame had already brought this exploit to light as the OP stated in his post that having the weapon in the heavy slot buffs both primary and secondary weapons. Cozmo, down in the comments, replied that they are now working on a fix for the exploit. Until the issue is fixed, proud owners of this Exotic can still try it out and fry some enemies.

Frustrations with Glass

Meanwhile, tier 2 of the Reckoning will be rolled out today and its challenges will be upped, not to mention that there will be more objectives to complete.

However, a lot of players have expressed their frustration and anger with the game mode’s first tier as they find it difficult due to its current modifier which is Glass.

A post from Reddit user u/MartiansFromVenus is lately gaining traction among members of the game’s subreddit. It caught the attention of Bungie’s Community Manager Cozmo.

According to the player, “it encourages slow cautious play to take advantage of the players’ increased regen and makes sure players don’t die from their tiny health pool.” The OP added that it contradicts to The Reckoning’s main idea and makes the gameplay slow. Per Cozmo’s response, he stated that they are well aware of the community’s frustration.

Just like The Last Word

The community manager also revealed on the same subreddit that the Thorn Exotic quest will not be time gated. This came after someone asked if the quest will be similar to what they did with The Last Word a couple of months back. The quest in getting this Exotic will kick off on March 12.