Epic Games introduced the first-shot accuracy mechanic a few months ago. Many "Fortnite Battle Royale" players have complained about bloom, and this is what the video game developer released to make players more accurate on their first shot. While this hasn't solved the bloom issue, it allowed players to deal massive damage on their first shot. Those players who can aim well are capable of taking an enemy down very quickly using this mechanic. Now, they could also get a snowy map for Season 7.

The "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer has enabled the first-shot accuracy on most of the weapons.

It is important to note that the mechanic can be enabled multiple times during a gunfight. Each weapon that has this mechanic enabled on it, also has a timer for the first-shot accuracy reset. However, there is a simple trick that allows players to reset it for every single shot and achieve a 100 percent accuracy. "Fortnite" is also getting keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One.

100 percent accuracy in 'Fortnite'

After firing a first shot, "Fortnite" players need to wait for a short period to enable the first-shot accuracy once again. This usually takes around a second, provided that a player is not moving. The FSA mechanic requires players to remain stationary while firing a weapon. Additionally, crouching also helps as it improves accuracy.

Reddit user PhaedrusAqil has shared a simple trick that allows players to retain the FSA after firing off the first shot. The trick is to quickly swap to a pickaxe, then swap to another weapon. The Reddit user has shown an example of this by using Hand Cannons. The first-shot accuracy doesn't reset immediately after firing off the first shot.

However, if players quickly swap to a pickaxe then back to a Hand Cannon, they will retain the FSA. This can be done infinitely, which makes it extremely dangerous.

Apparently, the trick also works with assault rifles. Considering that this type of weapon is commonly used in "Fortnite Battle Royale," using this trick can help many players take their opponents down in rapid succession.

Intentional or not

Epic Games has yet to comment on this trick. However, it was most likely unintentional and could be patched in next week's update. However, this trick shows us what it would be like to have the first-shot accuracy enabled all the time. If the "Fortnite" developer decides to remove the bloom mechanic from the game, there is no doubt that many players will be extremely accurate with in-game weapons, especially if they are playing on a PC.