Destiny 2’s” 2.0.4 update is now live as it ushered in several tweaks and bug fixes. The latest patch also tagged along a couple of events – Festival of the Lost and Iron Banner in which the latter offers double and triple valor. The update also brought in new UI images and a couple of them may well seem to have confirmed the return of the Thunderlord including a couple of its ornaments. Bungie also responded to some issues that were recently discovered in the online-only shooter.

Guardians stumbled upon a new Power Exotic slot that has been added after the release of patch 2.0.4.

That said, players believe that the slot is likely to be intended for the rumored Exotic Machine Gun – the Thunderlord.

Amanda Holiday talking about the Cosmodrome

U/blaunkNITE recently posted his theory about Master Ive’s killer being in the Cosmodrome adding that it is where Guardians will acquire the Thunderlord. The OP even provided a link to another Redditor’s (u/Dox_au) YouTube video where it showcased leaked audios from Amanda Holiday talking about that Earth location. That said, the Redditor also predicted that Bungie could be paying homage to “Destiny’s” E3 demo in 2013 by having players battle whoever killed Master Ives that would eventually drop the Exotic machine gun.

Thunderlord UI images

As above-mentioned, u/Ginsor also made a post claiming that the Thunderlord is indeed making a comeback. At the time of writing, however, the OP’s post got removed by moderators of the Destiny subreddit, though there are some members of the community who managed to download the TAR file that was attached to the post and made screenshots of the UI images.

Polaris Lance and Suros Regime issues

Meanwhile, Reddit user u/MoHiaz brought to light an issue with the Polaris Lance Exotic Scout Rifle where he claims that the weapon’s fifth explosion is no longer working since the last reset.

The OP further explained that the weapon now only deals a small amount of damage on explosion and no burn damage.

Community Manager Cozmo took notice of the post and responded that they are now tracking the issue. In line with this, Dmg also made a response to an issue with the Exotic Auto Rifle – Suros Regime. Per u/Dacarisblue, the rifle’s sight now has this yellow tint on it making it difficult to see through. The Redditor even posted a couple of images to prove his claim. Just like the Polaris, the issue with the Regime is now being looked upon by the dev team.