The latest installment of the "This Week at Bungie" blog post has just been released and it provided details about the returning Festival of the Lost and Iron Banner in “Destiny 2.” Prior to the latest "TWAB" post, the developer also addressed several player concerns including an issue that was discovered within the Legendary Hand Cannon – Warden's Law.

Reddit user u/bart_r was among the first to notice that there’s something wrong with the weapon’s curated roll as he claims that the version of the weapon combines precision hits into one value rendering it useless.

For the uninitiated, the curated variant of Warden’s Law has a perk known as Fourth Time’s a Charm where rapidly landing precision hits will return two rounds to the magazine. However, the Redditor stated that there’s a bug that prevents it from doing that.

Warden’s Law bug to be checked

Community Manager Cozmo took notice of the Redditor’s post as he responded that they’re already looking into it. He went on advising the community to submit gameplay clips showing the bug as this will help them investigate the issue further. He also responded on a similar note as another member of the Destiny subreddit suggested they reset the raid from orbit just like “D1.”

Knock out system

As for the upcoming Festival of the Lost, someone asked if the Engrams in the event will be on a knock out system to which Cozmo confirmed that they will be.

That said, Guardians won’t be having duplicates until they’ve acquired it all.

Cozmo also made some clarifications about some players‘ speculation as they were given the impression that the Korean version of “Destiny 2” is the reason behind the scarcity of Exotics. Per the community manager, he stated that it has nothing to do with the game’s Korean version, adding that he already made the team aware of the players’ feedback regarding the rarity of these Exotics.

Dmg, on the other hand, announced that all “D2” players can visit the Haunted Forest adding that no DLC is required. This came after someone asked from the same subreddit if non-DLC owners can still play it during the Festival of the Lost. The community manager pointed out, though, that it will be launched through a different node (not through Mercury).

He also addressed another issue in the game where player titles are obscuring the name of the weapon players got killed by in PvP. Dmg replied that it is already a known issue and will be tackled in Update 2.0.4.