The latest updates for the PS4 exclusive "Spider-Man" video game reveal new details about its first DLC story, "The Heist." Insomniac Games creative director, Bryan Intihar, posted a huge announcement about the DLC on the PlayStation Blog website, and it will feature three new suits for Peter Parker.

Intihar also hypes up Marvel and video game fans about the upcoming new Game Plus mode. "Spider-Man" will feature players as Peter Parker, who web-swing their way into the vast open-world map of New York City. Peter must learn how to balance both his lives as he encounters old and new threats in the city.

Three new costumes for Spidey

According to Bryan Intihar's post, "The Heist" DLC will feature three new costumes for Spider-Man in the game. They are Kaine's Scarlet Spider, Spider-UK, and a brand new original outfit, the Resilient suit.

In the Marvel comics, Kaine Parker is the scarred first clone of Peter, created by Miles Warren (The Jackal), and has battled his genetic benefactor in several occasions. He dons a new suit and became the second Scarlet Spider in order to redeem himself.

Spider-UK is a version of William Braddock from an alternate universe and made his debut in the "Spider-Verse" crossover. He has both the powers of Spidey and Captain Britain. Lastly, the Resilient Suit is another original suit made for the game, and it was designed by Marvel illustrator Gabrielle Dell'Otto. Just like in the game, these three suits will have their own unique abilities, allowing players to be more creative in fighting crime.

The post also revealed a small synopsis for "The Heist" DLC story. It will feature Peter and Mary Jane Watson at the museum, but things get complicated as they encounter Felicia Hardy (Black Cat). Spidey will chase Black Cat throughout the city in order to find out what she is up to and who is she involved with. The DLC will introduce new activities and enemy factions for Peter to tangle with.

The first DLC will launch on October 23 and players can buy it individually or in the season pass.

New Game Plus mode coming soon

According to Game Rant, Intihar urged Marvel and video game fans to wait patiently, as they will add the new Game Plus mode for "Spider-Man" very soon. The website speculated that it will launch alongside "The Heist" DLC. Game writer Jon Paquette told Polygon, in a previous interview, that the DLC stories will allow players to engage even further into Peter's already complicated life, and give out a fresh new take within the story. The game is currently available on the PS4 console.