Bungie had previously revealed what they still have in store for their gaming community after the release of the “ForsakenDLC. However, additional details about these upcoming contents may have been spilled by a Redditor a few days ago.

U/AnonTheNine’s recent post over on the Destiny subreddit has caught the attention of D2 players and YouTubers alike as it hinted at some stuff that is likely to be added in the online-only shooter. The Redditor even claimed that a popular “D1” Exotic machine gun will be making a comeback in the game.

New horde mode in the Black Armory and the Thunderlord

Per the title of the post, a new horde mode will be included in the “ForsakenAnnual Pass’ first content release – the Black Armory. Anon further explained that the longer the Guardians survive in this game mode, the loot gets better and better. He went on, hinting that the Exotic machine gun from “D1” - the Thunderlord will return in the Festival of the Lost.

Members of the subreddit were pretty much skeptical about the post, not to mention that it only contained a smiley on it. Some Reddit users pointed out, though, that there were posts by Anon about the “Forsaken” expansion that were actually spot on.

D2” YouTuber Houndish did a bit of digging about it and did find such posts.

Weeks prior to “Forsaken’s” official release, Anon already leaked that there would be nine new supers, two new locations, and three teaser trailers before E3. He even described the Titan’s super with a flaming axe (turned out to be a hammer), the Warlock’s arc super that shoots a laser beam, and the Hunter with a staff that blocks bullets.

The Last Word

Another member of the subreddit then asked the OP if The Last Word Exotic hand cannon will also be making a comeback. Anon simply responded “Black Armory.” In line with this, someone also asked about the Thorn Exotic hand cannon.

Unfortunately, Anon replied that it’s not in the API.

Back in June, Bungie rolled out a video documentary revealing details about “Forsaken.” There was a part in the clip where they compared bows and machine guns that made players speculate that the latter will be returning to the game. Josh Hamrick (@Josh_Hamrick) made some clarifications back then and he took to Twitter to point out that they were talking about Auto Rifles in the documentary. However, there was a bit of a hint at the end of the tweet as he stated, “your thunderous excitement has been noted.”