The “ForsakenDLC has been officially rolled out to “Destiny 2” fans alongside some significant changes and new features. However, players are pretty much irked with the game’s requisite that Masterwork cores now need to be infused, not to mention that such a process is quite steep. The issue has been gaining traction among “D2’s” player base and Bungie took notice of it.

Someone from the Bungie forums recently posted their concerns adding that every single infusion would require two to four Masterwork cores. The player even asked the game developer how can this be fun or fair to Guardians who are not able to do the daily grind.

Other players who joined in with the discussion suggested Spider since the Tangled Shore vendor sells Masterwork cores. However, Guardians are very much acquainted with how this Fallen crime syndicate boss does his business.

Redditors on the game’s sub are also talking about it

U/DuktorAlecus also took to the Destiny subreddit to express the same concern about Masterwork core infusion. Per the Redditor, these items are very rare, adding that the cores’ sole purpose is to make Masterworks. He went on stating that Masterwork cores were not made to create what he calls an artificial inflation of the length of both power and MW grind in “Destiny 2.”

Another Redditor also left a rather unpopular comment within the thread stating that Bungie folks are ducking returning players.

He even called out Community Manager Cozmo (@Cozmo23) regarding the issue.

Cozmo then responded stating that he’s not ducking anyone. He went on stating that he’ll be passing on the player base’s sentiments regarding infusion costing Masterwork cores.

Methods on how to get these cores

As mentioned, the easiest way to acquire Masterwork cores in “Destiny 2” is through Spider in the Tangled Shore.

An MW core is initially priced at 10 Legendary Shards and the amount doubles for each succeeding purchase. The good thing about this though is that MW core prices are being reset every day.

Another method is through an item known as the Finest Matterweave. It is a Legendary consumable that works as a Masterwork ionizer that can be obtained “in the scraps of a lucky dismantle.” The only downside is that its effects will only last until an MW core is found.

Getting MW cores will eventually be much easier by the time Guardians reach level 50. Per Gosunoob, dismantling high-level gear will give players an MW core albeit the dismantled gear is not masterworked. Players may also dismantle new “D2” year one items prior to the “Forsaken” patch.