September has finally arrived as “Destiny 2” fans await its dark DLC - “Forsaken” to officially go live. Prior to its release, the pre-DLC update has brought in numerous buffs in most of the “D2” gear as it was noticed by its player base. There are some items, however, that seems to be nerfed either intentionally or accidentally by Bungie and this has been brought to light by some of the players. Also, the game developer has recently addressed the issue regarding skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) since a number of players felt that it made a comeback in Quickplay.

A Guardian from the Destiny subreddit (u/VeliusX) has recently brought up his concerns about what he observed with the Exotic hand cannon – the Sunshot. If the player’s post is anything to go by, he believes that the Exotic’s Explosive Payload weapon perk may have been nerfed though he thinks (and hopes) that such tweak isn’t intentional. He further explained that the nerf may be due to the randomly rolled aspect of weapons.

He even compared it to the Midnight Coup where the Legendary weapon can do a three-tap. However, the Redditor stated that the Sunshot can’t do such unless he’s using a Hunter on a Foetracer Exotic helmet and opponents got a lesser resilience (four or less).

They’re looking into it

The Reddit post gained a decent number of upvotes from the community as Bungie’s Community Manager Cozmo (@Cozmo23) addressed the issue. He stated they are currently investigating this nerf which clearly means that such nerf was not intentional.

In line with this, other members of the subreddit commented that the Exotic auto rifle – SUROS Regime felt like it also got nerfed.

They claim that the weapon seemed to have the “super weak version” of the High Impact Reserves perk.

Guardians have also expressed their concerns about what they’ve recently noticed while playing Quickplay. These players were given the impression that the above-mentioned skill-based matchmaking may have been recommissioned in the game.

Dmg on SBMM speculations

Bungie debunked such speculations as Dmg (@A_dmg04) recently took to Twitter to make it known that they are currently looking into it adding that no changes were intentionally deployed with the latest patch (2.0). He went on stating that whenever they make tweaks within the Crucible’s matchmaking ecosystem, they’ll be informing its player base about such changes as they’ve always done before.

The game developer’s support team (@BungieHelp) also posted a similar tweet stating that SBMM is still disabled in Quickplay. They also stated that they already issued a fix to all matchmaking services as players recently experienced longer matchmaking times in the Crucible and other activities in “Destiny 2.”