Guardians are making the necessary preparations now that “Destiny 2’s” next downloadable content - “Forsaken” is just days away. A new patch also went live where it introduced numerous tweaks in the first-person shooter as it is a pre-DLC update. However, it looks like the much-awaited expansion may have arrived early as players claim that they are getting “Forsaken” gear prior to the game segment’s release.

A Guardian from the Destiny subreddit (u/bacje16) is just one of many “Destiny 2” players out there who claims to have recently acquired “Forsaken” gear ahead of its official launch.

The Redditor even posted an image showing the Trackless Waste SMG alongside its weapon perks. According to the player, the weapon was awarded to him by Ana Bray after completing the patrol flashpoint on Mars. Other Guardians who took notice of the post also commented that they too managed to snag some “Forsaken” loot and some of them posted images of the items that were rewarded to them.

Dismantling Forsaken gear

The Redditor u/Pogerians, on the other hand, dismantled the “Forsakengear that he got. The result was a Legendary consumable dubbed as the Rainmaker. Per the item’s description, it’s a Glimmer extractor that can be obtained from a lucky dismantle. It went on stating that multi kills have a chance of creating this so-called shower of Glimmer and its effect will last for about four hours.

Acquiring the Ace of Spades

Meanwhile, since the new API is already available for fans to see, a lot of them have noticed that the Ace of Spades quest line is already included.

U/ItsDanniey1 also spotted it and he took it to the above-mentioned subreddit to detail the steps. He pointed out though that he’s not certain about the quest line’s exact order:

  • Regain possession of Cayde-6's Ace of Spades hand cannon from Uldren Sov.
  • Bring the weapon to Banshee-44.
  • Get five invasion kills with a hand cannon within Gambit to obtain a biorhythmic data. It is needed by Banshee-44 to tune Cayde’s weapon to the Guardian’s hand.
  • Collect another biorhythmic data from the Crucible by performing 25 precision hand cannon kills.
  • Another biorhythmic data within Strikes by eliminating 250 enemies
  • It was also stated that Cayde’s stash is on Titan. That said, players are required to slug it out to make their way into the Arcology in the “Ace in the Hole” mission to obtain all the parts needed to fix the weapon.
  • After getting all the necessary items, bring them all to Banshee-44 located in the Tower.