"Fortnite Battle Royale" Season 4 is slowly coming to an end and many players have already unlocked the final Battle Pass reward. This Thursday, players will receive another set of weekly challenges which will help them level up and unlock season-exclusive cosmetic items. Considering that the season ends in three weeks, there is plenty of time for everyone to catch up and level up.

Just like it has been the case with previous weekly challenges, the upcoming set of challenges will have seven challenges. Four of them will be easy and reward players with five Battle Stars, while three of them will be hard and give out 10 Battle Stars each.

Let's take a look at what's waiting for "Fortnite Battle Royale" players this week!

1) Deal headshot damage to opponents

To complete this challenge, players only need to deal 250 headshot damage to their enemies. Considering that this is incredibly easy, especially with sniper rifles and shotguns, it won't be surprising if Epic Games change it to 1,000 damage or more. This task can be easily completed by getting two headshots from any sniper rifle or a pump shotgun.

2) Search chests in Salty Springs

Seven chests in Salty Springs will be enough to get five Battle Stars. This area is relatively big, so players shouldn't have too much trouble opening the chests.

3) Search chests in a single match

This challenge is similar to the ammo box challenge "Fortnite Battle Royale" players had to do a few weeks ago.

To complete it, players will have to open seven chests in a single match.

4) TBD

It appears that the game developer still hasn't decided what the fourth challenge will be. Considering that a missile launch is scheduled for this week, this challenge might simply require players to enter the secret base and launch the missile.

5) Search between...

The first hard challenge will once again be about the hidden Battle Star. This time, Epic Games hasn't revealed any clues about the upcoming challenge, most likely to prevent any further leaks.

6) Suppressed weapon eliminations

For this challenge, players will have to get three eliminations with a suppressed weapon.

These weapons are quite powerful and can take opponents down easily. However, if you run into some problems, you can simply use the suppressed to finish off a downed target and complete the challenge.

7) Eliminate opponents in Pleasant Park

The final task will require players to get three eliminations in Pleasant Park. Eliminations can be done using any weapon in the game as long as players stay within the area.