"Fortnite" releases new weapons and content each week and its allowing players the opportunity to think of creative ways to defeat enemies in the battle royale mode. Typically with each patch Epic Games releases for "Fortnite," there is either a new weapon introduced or a new game mode available for play. This morning, "Fortnite" underwent downtime to get ready for the v4.4 content update. According to Forbes, the update introduced the Stink Bomb and also addressed the issue regarding rockets.

New patch update introduces Stink Bomb for players

It was previously leaked that a new grenade was going to be added to the game, and dataminers found out that the new grenade would be known as the Stink Bomb.

However, there was no additional information regarding what the Stink Bomb was capable of doing. According to Gamespot, the Stink Bomb is a throwable grenade that will emit a cloud that deals five damage every half-second for anyone who stands inside the cloud. The cloud only lasts for a total of nine seconds but can deal up to a total of 90 damage for anyone who remains in it for the entire duration. Stink Bombs are of epic rarity and can be found in treasure chests, vending machines, or floor loot. Players can loot the grenades in stacks of three and can hold up to a maximum of five per stack.

It is going to be interesting to see how this new tool will be used during combat. Players can throw the bombs at opposing players who are hiding within structures to lure them out for an easy shot and possibly an easy kill.

Players can also trap enemies inside their own structures during a building battle and suffocate enemies with the grenade. Maybe professional players like Tyler "Ninja" Blevins can show us how to properly use the Stink Bombs in combat.

Rockets receive a nerf in the latest patch

Along with the introduction of the Stink Bomb, the issue relating to rockets has been addressed by Epic Games in this patch.

Rockets play a significant role in the game, especially during the late game when there are only a few players remaining. Players have gotten creative with grenade launchers, double-wielding them to destroy structures quickly. Epic Games addressed rockets by simply limiting the amount of rockets players can hold to 12. Now, players will not be able to spam rockets as quickly in the late game, and grenade launchers will not impact the late game as much.

What do you think of the latest updates?