The latest updates for "Spider-Man" on PS4 reveal new gameplay improvements and another Marvel villain joining the game's cast. Insomniac Games creative director, Bryan Intihar, announced several improvements for the game's features on Twitter and stated that it is a huge improvement from the one they presented at the Electronic Entertainment Expo event. Rhino voice actor, Chris Jai Alex, accidentally revealed that Doctor Octopus will be part of Peter Parker's rogues' gallery in the game. The game will feature players taking on the role of the web-slinger as he defends New York city from crime, while he tries to balance his personal life.

New gameplay improvements for 'Spider-Man'

According to WCCFTech, Bryan Intihar shared more details about "Spider-Man's" gameplay improvements as he answered several fan questions on Twitter. Intihar stated that the HUD system in the game can be disabled whenever players are web-swinging through the city.

The creative director also added that there will not be any multiple swing controls in the game. Video game fans who had the chance to play the demo at E3 2018 know that pressing the R2 button will enable Spider-Man to web-swing on buildings and pressing it again will detach his hold and swing to the next.

Pressing X will also allow Spidey to web-zip for faster travel time.

Players will have the ability to use different web-based gadgets to fight and disable enemies. They can use web lines to set up traps, while web bombs can stop multiple enemy groups.

The combat system allows Spidey to perform acrobatic attacks and set-up combos for maximum damage. Intihar stated during Insomniac Games' E3 2018 panel that they are almost done with its development and they are currently fixing possible in-game bugs before its scheduled launch on September 7.

Enter Doc Ock

According to Game Rant, "Spider-Man" voice actor, Chris Jai Alex, revealed that Doctor Octopus will be present in the game's storyline during his interview with YouTuber Driftor.

He described Doc Ock as a very tall man and Insomniac Games has not commented on the name drop.

So far, the villains in the "Spidey" game include Kingpin, Shocker, Electro, Rhino, Vulture, Scorpion, and Mister Negative. In the previous trailers and demos, Mister Negative was believed to be the main antagonist, but during the Raft mission demo, players discovered that Martin Li and the rest of the villains are working for someone else and that Peter knows the person's identity. It is possible that Doc Ock is the mastermind behind everything since he is smart enough to pull off complex schemes and has been the sole leader of the Sinister Six.