The latest updates for the "Spider-Man" PS4 game reveal two new gameplay details at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo event. Sony has unveiled two new gameplay demos for "Spider-Man" during their panel presentation at the event as the video game and Marvel fans alike were mesmerized by the perfect fluid movements and impressive graphics of the game. The demos also revealed four classic villains from the web-slinger's mythos as he tries to stop each of them. The E3 2018 event also revealed new information about the game's version of Miles Morales and his presence will connect to Peter Parker in the story.

Reports by VG 24/7 and provided some of the details used in this article.

'Spider-Man' demos at E3 2018

The first "Spider-Man" gameplay demo featured Peter Parker and New York City police captain Yuri Watanabe trying to stop a prison riot from the Raft. In the comics, the Raft is an advanced correctional facility that houses some of the worst criminals and supervillains and in the game, these prisoners were taken in by Spider-Man himself.

The two discovered that Electro was responsible for the prison riot as Spidey and Yuri work together to put things in order. Peter fights his way through the inmates as he displays his acrobatic, combat, and web-shooting skills. Spidey also meets the rest of his rogues' gallery such as Rhino, Scorpion, and Vulture with newly upgraded gear.

As Peter chases Electro throughout the facility, he is then ganged up by the villains and Mister Negative shows up to help. Overpowered and outmatched, Peter struggles to stay alive as the villains go for the kill, and Spidey saw an unknown figure, who might be the mastermind behind everything.

The second demo gameplay sees Spidey doing his usual daily patrol as players get to see how the web-swinging mechanics work in the game.

Peter can perform web strikes to fight bad guys as the L1 button allows players to cycle through different web-based gadgets such as web-grenades to ensnare a large group. Peter can also perform combos and uppercut enemies with the "Air Launch" attack. Players can use the environment to their advantage, such as throwing concrete at enemies to make their fights easier.

The demo ends with a boss battle between Peter and Shocker inside a bank.

More on Miles Morales

According to ComicBook, new information about Miles Morales in "Spider-Man" was revealed in the PlayStation booth at E3 2018. A mock Daily Bugle newspaper article featured Miles as a robotics genius at Midtown Highschool and he is being compared to Peter Parker during his age. While the article did not say much about what exact role Miles will play in the story, the website speculated that he will likely be responsible for Spidey's gadget upgrades as Insomniac Games has been known for their use of gadget improvements in their video game titles.