"Fortnite" leaks keep on coming, as a recent screenshot revealed that the much-awaited Royal Bomber skin will be a PlayStation exclusive. That said, another leak recently came out hinting about some changes that will be heading toward the game's Battle Royale map. The alleged leak was first spilled by IGN's interactive map of "Fortnite," and was then posted by u/DarkLordCZ and u/UppyGSY over on r/FortniteBR. One of the Redditors even believes that Epic could be rolling out such intel to the said publication as they can't seem to find it on the game files.

Changes that are likely to arrive

The Redditors also listed the noticeable tweaks that will be implemented on the map which include what's listed below.

  • A new building in Tilted Towers.
  • An empty rocket silo.
  • Dusty Divot getting more trees.
  • Craters getting filled like the ones in Junk Junction.
  • The Snobby convoy will be gone and the Anarchy one is now east of Pleasant Park.
  • The convoy from the bridge south of Shifty Shafts has moved west toward the east entrance to Greasy Grove.
  • The convoy by the prison will be moved north of Fatal Fields or just south of Retail Row.

They even advised members of the subreddit who'll be checking out the map on IGN to post changes other than the ones that were mentioned.

Where's the rocket then?

Among these changes, "Fortnite" users have been musing as to where the massive rocket went. Some of them believe the rocket will likely destroy Moisty Mire, as this was already leaked a few months ago, though it was stated back then that it will be leveled by a gigantic Leviathan known as G'gOk/Go gOk.

The name was also leaked as part of Season 4's Week 10 challenges, but later leaks suggested that it's no longer included in the roster of tasks.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that the Royale Bomber will be part of an upcoming PlayStation 4 bundle, as it was posted on PlayStation Italy's official Facebook page. The said bundle will be sold to consumers alongside some 500 V-Bucks and will be released on July 16.

It's still uncertain, though, if this bundle will also be sold outside of Italy. Fans, on the other hand, are quite irked about this news, especially the ones who are into other platforms.

"Fortnite" players are also very much aware, by now, that Sony is in hot water, as of late, after they've locked out PSN accounts from signing in on other game platforms (Xbox One and Nintendo Switch), not to mention that they are still barring crossplay on other consoles.