Epic Games has officially announced that a new Limited Time Mode for "Fortnite" Battle Royale will be heading its way. With Season 4 about to reach its tail end, fans are now musing about what the developers have in store for them in Season 5. A new fan theory suggests that the massive rocket, located at the so-called villain base in Snobby Shores, could be the key to introducing a new map location for next season. U/JummyTheGreat from the FortniteBR subreddit recently posted what he thinks could be the purpose of the huge rocket located on that area of the map.

He also took notice of the trucks that carry those hop-rocks and are being escorted by those mysterious black cars donning a very familiar logo.

A pretty plausible theory about the rocket

Per the fan theory, the Redditor explained that the vehicles are properties of a company known as Vindertech, adding that the said company plays a key role in the story of "Fortnite's" Save the World mode. He also stated that the company is responsible in the creation of the Venturion skins, the Jetpack, the V-Buck in-game currency, and rockets.

Jummy pointed out that the rocket found in STW is almost identical to the one in BR mode. He further explained that in every zone completion in "Fortnite's" STW Mode, players are required to launch a so-called radar rocket to reveal the next level to complete.

That said, he arrived at an assumption that the rocket in BR will be launched to officially reveal a new map (or extension of the map) for Season 5. He went on, stating that it fits together quite well, as he noticed that Vindertech had a bit more of an influence on the BR side of the game as of late.

Other popular opinions

Other members of the subreddit also threw in their two cents about this plausible fan theory.

They pointed out that the Visitor that came out from the meteor (turns out to be some sort of an escape pod) might use the rocket to locate the coordinates on how to get back home, provided that such theory is correct. There are some who are suggesting that the alien could be using the radar to find new planets, but that's a bit far out.

In line with this, it was noted beforehand that there will be several changes within the map if IGN's interactive "Fortnite" map is anything to go by. A few Redditors even listed such changes which include the list below.

  • Convoy location changes in Snobby Shores, Shifty Shafts, and by the prison.
  • Junk Junction craters getting filled.
  • Additional trees in Dusty Divot.
  • Tilted Towers getting new buildings.
  • The rocket in Snobby has gone missing.