Recently, “Pokemon GO” Developer Niantic has been rolling out new updates, with lots of interesting features such as the long-awaited gifting feature and the commonly requested trading and friends’ list feature. On Twitter, Developer Niantic revealed that the next set for the Field Research quest will roll out in July, and “Pokemon GO” players will use their visual guide to see all the quest's fresh rewards and Pokemon encounters.

Kanto-themed Field Research

The newly introduced Field Research will commence on July 1 at 1:00 PM PDT, focusing on Pokemon originally discovered in Kanto region.

Express UK noted a tweet by Niantic that indicates the featured Pokemon is a blue-green Gym defender known as Snorlax. Interestingly, the Field Research quest will feature the shiny variant of the Pokemon, giving players the opportunity to catch the beloved shiny and rare Generation One Pokemon, Snorlax. Pokemon Snorlax will feature a special move known as Body Slam.

PokemonGoHub noted they, Body Slam is a normal type of move with three bars. Although it is more threatening in a Gym and harder to dodge than Hyperbeam, its damage can be reduced by the Ghost, Rock, and Steel-type monsters. Also, other Pokemon originally discovered in the Kanto region such as Ditto, Pikachu, and Eevee will be featured in the quest.

Other rewards

Apart from Snorlax which will be featured as a part of the quest, players will achieve other rewards by completing the new Field Research tasks. These rewards include an opportunity to build up your Pokemon collection with the ability to transfer any Generation One Pokemon you’ve captured in “Pokemon GO,” including Alolan forms.

Players who were able to achieve a Research Breakthrough during the previous Field Research had an encounter with the Legendary Bird Articuno. Hopefully, the weekly Field Research will be a great opportunity for players to capture Pokemon in their shiny forms. Coincidentally, the next "Pokémon GO" Community Day event will overlap with the upcoming Field Research quest.

This means that the month of July will be a month of rewards and encounters for Pokemon GO players.

Hopefully, dedicated “Pokemon GO” players will get the best out of the event's impressive rewards. The best means to earn Research Breakthrough is by connecting with a local group of players in Research locations. You can connect with these players via social chat tools. The upcoming month will be fun in the “Pokemon GO” community.