The latest updates for "Mega Man 11" reveals a new trailer and its official release date for the consoles, Nintendo Switch, and the PC platform. Capcom streamed the pre-order gameplay trailer of the sequel and it featured the blue bomber doing his best to stop Dr. Wily and his robot army with new moves and the gear system.

The "Mega Man" series is one of Capcom's most successful franchise in the video game industry alongside "Street Fighter," "Resident Evil," and "Monster Hunter." His return paves the way for video game fans, both old and new, to be excited as the upcoming title combines nostalgic gameplay, and new enhanced character and level designs.

Official release date confirmed

Capcom has officially announced that "Mega Man 11" will launch on Oct. 2 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the PC. Video game fans who have pre-ordered the sequel will have an exclusive DLC alternative in-game soundtracks.

The trailer revealed a new plot that Mega Man's nemesis, Dr. Wily, discovered his old Double Gear System research and plans to use to power-up his robot army and take over the world. The sequel will feature the same side-scrolling gameplay, but with enhanced graphics, and character and level designs. Mega Man will have his signature blue buster cannon to fire at enemy units and charge it to create a more powerful blast.

The Blue Bomber will also encounter new boss characters such as Fuse Man and Block Man.

Fuse Man has the ability to absorb and release electricity. He can transform himself into a living lightning bolt as strikes Mega Man down creating massive damage.

Block Man, on the other hand, has the ability to summon huge bricks and drops them on the ground to create damage. He can also transform himself into a giant monster, but players will see a potential weakness by firing at his red core.

The Double Gear System

"Mega Man 11" will introduce a new gameplay feature called "Double Gear System" and it allows the Blue Bomber to gain access to new powers and abilities. The Double Gear System is divided into two parts; Power Gear and Speed Gear.

The Power Gear allows Mega Man to increase his firepower allowing him to shoot faster and unleash double charged shots.

The Speed Gear allows Mega Man to slow down time, allowing him to evade projectiles and make challenging jumps.

When players have low health, they can activate both gears to revive their health. The drawback is that the gear system can overheat and players will not be able to use it for awhile until it cools down.