I, like many other players, take on Cut Man as my first level and boss. I feel he is pretty susceptible to the Buster Shot, and his level isn't too tough to need other powers. However, other veteran players would argue that Bomb Man would be the best way to start off the "Original Mega Man" game. Either way, it should either be Cut Man or Bomb Man. As a matter of fact, Cut Man actually takes the most damage from the Buster Shot of Mega Man at three HP (hit points). While Bomb Man will take only two damage or a two HP loss per Mega Buster Shot.

In knowing the numbers I would say Cut Man should ideally be the first boss to take down.

Bomb Man is later susceptible to Fire Storm as he takes four damage from each Fire Storm direct hit. We will worry about Bomb Man later. For now, let us get through Cut Man's pretty simple level. The most difficult enemy in this level as a minor foe would be the Bunby Heli robots. These enemies have odd movement patterns that change depending on the player's movements and inputs.

Enemies of the stage

My advice for the Bunby Helis is to fire off the Mega Buster quickly. Remember on the PlayStation, we have the rapid-fire by pressing the triangle button. Rapid fire is free and can be a bit cheap, but if the going gets tough, then don't be afraid to utilize this little trick. You do not want these enemies to chip away at Mega Man's health early on.

If this happens you can die and have to restart the entire level. Just try and take out these enemies or at least avoid them, they are pretty annoying.

Players will also encounter the Adhering Suzy enemies. These are the red colored robots that are a bit like a square shape with one huge eye in the middle. These enemies will travel in horizontal or vertical lines and move across those lines to damage Mega Man.

These enemies will take some awareness and patience so just be a little careful and watch their patterns. Mega Man will also encounter the stationary Blaster bots. These bots will shoot out yellow projectiles on angles at the player. See the gif of the Blaster to the right for the angled shots.

The Big Eye will be encountered toward the end of the level and this guy can make some players greedy if they are low on health.

I suggest avoiding these guys by running under them when they do their higher jump. The Big Eye's can sometimes jump rather low and this can cause Mega Man to take damage. Players should try and avoid the small jump by baiting out and watching the Big Eye's movements. These enemies have 20 hit points and are weak once Mega Man acquires the Super Arm!

Super Cutters are the enemies that come out of the huge gray machine consistently. These Super Cutters look very similar to Cut Man's Rolling Cutter ability/power-up. Players can farm these enemies to get some health or refill their power-up bars. This enemy is also completely optional as Mega Man can simply walk right past them. There are two of these machines in only Cut Man's stage of the Original "Mega Man" game.

The boss battle

Finally, we can take out Cut Man! Cut Man isn't too difficult and I defeated him on my first run with only three lives. I like to start off the fight blasting away at the Mega Buster shot button. Each hit will deal damage to Cut Man even though he is flashing. The Mega Buster shots can also stagger Cut Man a little bit and at times this leaves him open to more attacks. Cut Man doesn't have too many moves or at least good ones. The Rolling Cutter he uses can cause some damage and is a tricky curve shot, but once dodged and the low damage it deals is nothing to fear.