Alolan Exeggutor has been spotted inside the overworld of "Pokemon GO." This variant on a Kanto Pokemon is just one of many that will be released in time, but for now, this long coconut tree is the only one. Alolan Exeggutor has been released because of the upcoming Pokemon Switch games "Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu" and "Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee." While Alolan Pokemon have been teased for a week now, it's surprising that one has been released so soon.

What to know about Alolan Exeggutor

According the Pokedex, Alolan Exeggutor is not a new Pokemon.

Rather, it is a variation of the regular Exeggutor. It has a different typing, obviously. Rather than being a Grass/Psychic type, Alolan Exeggutor is a Grass/Dragon type. Because of this new typing, Exeggutor probably will receive Dragon-type moves such as Dragon Pulse and Dragon Tail.

This can make it a good attack against Dragon-type defenders such as Dragonite or Raid Bosses such as Latias and Latios. Of course, with its dual typing, it is now four times as weak to Ice-type moves, so it's important to be careful when leaving it as a defender in Gyms. One of the best benefits of Exeggutor now being a Dragon-Type is that acquiring the Dragon Tamer medal will be easier now that there is a more common Dragon-Type Pokemon available.

Other Alolan forms are probably coming soon

Exeggutor is not the only Kanto Pokemon that received an Alolan form. Others are on their way, with other unique typing, such as Alolan Vulpix and Ninetails, which is Fairy/Ice.

What is going to be interesting is how Niantic is going to make these Alolan forms available. One Alolan form, Alolan Raichu, is obtainable in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" by evolving a Pikachu in Alola.

As the time of writing this, "Pokemon GO" does not have any requirements to evolve Pokemon in a certain location.

If Niantic were to implement this into their game, many players could be affected, especially those who don't have a reliable source of transportation. However, this is all speculation, and at the moment, the only way to find Alolan Pokemon is to catch one.

Luckily for players, not every Kanto Pokemon has an Alolan form. There are only a select few that received one:

  • Rattata/Raticate: Dark/Normal
  • Diglett/Dugtrio: Steel/Ground
  • Raichu: Psychic/Electric
  • Sandshrew/Sandslash: Ice/Steel
  • Vulpix/Ninetails: Fairy/Ice
  • Meowth/Persian: Dark
  • Geodude/Graveler/Golem: Electric/Rock
  • Grimer/Muk: Dark/Poison
  • Marowak: Ghost/Fire

So, to make sure you aren't caught unaware when more Alolan Pokemon spawn. Remember to stock up on Pokeballs and Golden Razz Berries and keep an eye out for any future updates.