Capcom announced “Resident Evil 2 Remake” a few years back and they’ve been pretty quiet about the subject since. While very few people have spoken up about the subject, Capcom has yet to reveal any gameplay. However, just like all remakes, fans have a certain standard when it comes to bringing their favorite games back to life. It’s inevitable that the developers will have to streamline some content, but the most important things will most likely stay the same. With that being said, here’s what we’d like to see in the “Resident Evil 2 Remake.”

Streamlined controls

The original “Resident Evil” games used clunky tank controls which took a pretty steep learning curve.

You could say that part of the horror from the original titles came from not knowing how to control your character. In lieu of recent gaming, Capcom will most likely change how characters are controlled, similar to the “RE0” remake on the PS4. However, the developers might keep the controls in line with the survival horror theme instead of making it too action-packed like the fifth and sixth games. Judging by the seventh game, it seems as though Capcom is listening to their fans so there’s a good chance the second game’s remake will contain its original horror aspects.

Same story

The second entry to the mainline series followed both Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy who went to Raccoon City for different reasons.

The former was in search of her brother, Chris, who had supposedly gone missing. Leon, on the other hand, was a rookie police officer who was dispatched to that area during his first day on the job. The plot plays a major part in each character's back story as Leon eventually ended up as a government agent while Claire became an activist against bioterrorism.

Similarly, “Resident Evil 2” also introduced Ada Wong and Sherry Birkin who will play major roles in future installments.

Two campaigns

The first two games in the series had two campaigns for each character. For the second title, you could play as Claire or Leon, each with their own story. After you beat the first campaign as either character, you were able to play the other survivor and learned exactly what happened on their end.

This allowed you to play the game up to four times with the combinations being “Claire to Leon” and “Leon to Claire” as each playthrough has their own story to tell. Replayability is a major factor in video games so let's hope that Capcom will use the exact same method they did in the original game when they deliver the remake.