An "in the know" YouTube channel claims to have an inside scoop on where the next "Grand Theft Auto" game will take place, and who the next main character will be. According to The Know, the "Grand Theft Auto" series will be returning to a familiar location, will feature a brand new main character, and, unfortunately, it may be quite a while before the game is released. In fact, it might not be released until four years from now.

'GTA' returning to Vice City

The Know is claiming to have an inside source who has told them that the next "GTA" game will take place in Vice City.

They're also reporting that some of the missions in the game could end up taking place in South America.

"This info has come to us via an inside source who has requested to remain anonymous," said Gus Sorola of The Know. "The next 'Grand Theft Auto' game is code-named 'Project Americas' and it'll be based in Miami. This most likely indicates a return to Vice City because Vice City has been the stand-in for Miami in the past. But Miami does exist in the game's universe as well."

Could be released in 2022

Also according to The Know, the new "Grand Theft Auto" game will be released around 2022, so a lot, including the location of the game, could change between now and then.

"Rockstar is in the early stages of development," said Ashley Jenkins of The Know.

"But, according to our source, it could be released in the next three to four years which would put it in the 2021-2022 range, and about eight or nine years behind 'GTA V.'"

'GTA VI' set to feature female protagonist?

There's a rumor going around that, in addition to a return to Vice City, "Grand Theft Auto VI" will feature a female protagonist for the first time in the series.

Many enjoyed the three-character system from "GTA V," but of course, as of right now, it's unclear if that will return in the game's next installment. Apparently, Rockstar hasn't decided on the game's protagonist, nor will they anytime soon, as the game is still several years away from being released.

'Red Dead Redemption 2'

For now, Rockstar's main focus is on "Red Dead Redemption 2," which has already been delayed twice.

The game is currently scheduled to be released on October 26 of this year. Originally, it was supposed to be released in the fall of last year, then it was delayed to the spring of this year, and now it looks like the current release date will end up being the actual release date. After its release in October, Rockstar will likely begin to shift over to the new "GTA" project.