There is always plenty of hype from fans and others when a new "Call of Duty," game is announced. There are plenty of great games arriving next year and now another great one is being added to the list. The first-person shooter franchise has a huge fan base with the games containing a campaign, but most people play the game for the competitive multiplayer.

Rumors have stated that a new "Call of Duty," game is set to arrive and the latest installment is "Call of Duty Black Ops 4." The series has shifted a lot in the past with taking place during times of world wars, to taking place in the far future, back to WW2 with the latest game, and now back to the Black Ops series.

"Black Ops 4" is real, as an NBA superstar, one of the biggest in the game today, was repping the game with a hat.

The report

The studio has not announced the arrival of the game, but multiple outlets confirm that the game will be arriving this year. A report from Kotaku announces the possibility as stated in an article via, written by Eddie Makuch. Treyarch, this time around, will be developing the latest installment.

The GameSpot article gives details on what the game will be about. It states, "Two sources told Kotaku that Black Ops 4 is coming from Treyarch this year and that it will take place in the near future." So, yet again, we will be going ahead to the future.

"Call of Duty: WWII," has been very successful since it's release.

Fans must have liked going back to one of the most devastating wars ever in history. The multiplayer was also spot on for the game. However, many people love the Black Ops series, "Black Ops 3," is still popular as new content is added to it frequently.

Typically a new COD game is announced in April or May, so it is almost that time.

A new game is also released every three years and it has been about that much time with "Black Ops 3," coming out back in 2015. It is unclear whether "Black Ops 4," will have a zombies mode, but the other games in the series did, so it very well could.

The superstar

More evidence has pointed to the fact of the game's release with NBA superstar James Harden wearing a hat of the game with the logo of "COD Black Ops 4." Harden wore the hat to the game yesterday (March 6) with a camo outfit versus the Oklahoma City Thunder.

A source that spoke to Kotaku confirmed that James Harden was wearing the hat for the upcoming game. The Beard, on the other hand, has been having one of his best seasons yet with the Houston Rockets; having one of the best records in the league. Harden wearing the hat just gives more inclination that the game will be officially announced soon and arrive this year.