"Detroit: Become Human" is one of the most highly anticipated PlayStation games at the moment, and it looks like could be Quantic Dream's (the studio which developed titles like "Heavy Rain" and "Beyond Two Souls") best work yet.

As previously mentioned, "Detroit: Become Human" is a PlayStation exclusive, so if you're an Xbox One owner, you won't be able to play it. On Thursday, the official Twitter account for the game made sure to remind everyone of the game's exclusivity, and while doing so, took a shot at all the XBox One owners.

"When you wake up and Detroit: Become Human is still a PS4 exclusive and you're still an Xbox owner.


'Detroit: Become Human' removes tweet

As you would imagine, the tweet got the game and its developers a lot of heat, and it was removed shortly thereafter. But, like with most things these days, it wasn't deleted before several people could screen capture it (see the tweet above). The tweet is now beginning to pick up even more steam because of that.

Was 'Detroit's' Twitter account hacked?

Initially when the tweet was sent out on Thursday, many questioned if the "Detroit: Become Human" account got hacked. Furthermore, some questioned the legitimacy of the account, as it lacked the blue verification check mark.

However, it is an official account, despite not being verified, as Quantic Dream's official Twitter account clearly stated that fans should follow the account in question.

'Detroit' at E3

We saw a bit more of "Detroit: Become Human" at last week's E3. It introduced us to two new characters. It also gave us a more in-depth look at the game's story, and what you're trying to accomplish in the game.

Of course, theoretically every player's experience with the game will be different, as the game changes based on the decision you make. If you've played Quantic Dream's two previous releases, "Heavy Rain" and "Beyond Two Souls," then you'll be familiar with how "Detroit" works.

Release date for 'Detroit: Become Human'

Quantic Dream didn't give us a release date for the game at this year's E3, but, according to GameSpot, it'll be released at some point next year.

In the game, players will control three characters, Markus, Connor, and Kara. Each character will have their own story which will unfold based on the unique choices that the player makes throughout the game. If you missed the E3 trailer, you can check it out below.