Rockstar Games' long-awaited sequel to "GTA 5" has been floating around the rumor mill for some time now.

While multiple sources continue hinting at an impending release for the title, the game developer seems to be in no mood to answer the prayers of 'Grand Theft Auto's' huge fan base. Let's take a gander at the hotly-anticipated title's release date, possible locations, and other details.

When is it arriving?

Despite the lack of an official announcement, the internet is rife with various theories about when "GTA 6" will hit the store shelves.

It’s no secret that Rockstar Games is currently hard at work on "Red Dead Redemption 2," which is scheduled to release in spring next year.

On top of that, the studio is highly unlikely to deviate its focus from its cash cow, "GTA 5."

That being said, it seems safe to say that "Grand Theft Auto VI" is nowhere close to launching. In fact, it would be hardly surprising if Rockstar hasn't even started working on it since as there has been no confirmation from the company about a looming arrival of the sixth installment in its popular action-adventure video game franchise.

A report from News4c attributes the delayed launch to Rockstar's release pattern. It can be recalled that the game developer took about four to five years to release a new installment in the "GTA" series. On the bright side, if Rockstar sticks to its release pattern, "GTA" loyalists will have something to cheer about next year.


There's no dearth of speculations regarding where the next "GTA" will be set. A few gamers believed Rockstar would return to London after 1999's "Grand Theft Auto: London 1969" mission pack for the first "Grand Theft Auto." But Rockstar Games' Dan Houser debunked the rumor.

Houser pointed out that "GTA London" was nifty at that time as there was hardly any scope for games then.

While he confirmed the studio would resort to setting a game in the UK, London, Houser said he wasn't sure if it would be a "Grand Theft Auto" game.

London is brimming with great stories the company could cash in on. Moreover, the surroundings are worth showcasing, but this does not necessarily imply Rockstar Games would return to London for "GTA 6," Houser added.

Other expectations

Recently alleged stunt actor Tim Neff's resume surfaced online showing something interesting. Neff was credited for motion capture in the upcoming "Grand Theft Auto 6." This was hardly surprising as he was also associated with "Grand Theft Auto V."

As expected, this added fuel to the already burning rumors about GTA 6's looming launch. But much to the chagrin of "GTA" fans, this piece of news turned out to be forged with Neff declaring that it wasn't his page, account or resume. In fact, Neff told PCGamesN that he didn't even know that website. His comments dismissed any possibilities about the next installment in the "GTA" franchise arriving anytime soon.

As far as diversity in the hit series is concerned, multiple sources have reported that Rockstar may introduce female protagonists in the next game.

Houser explained that the development team did not think about this for "GTA 5," but that's not because they couldn't or wouldn't. He further added that they are trying to do it off a checklist.

Nevertheless, we can still expect something amazing in the future as Houser did not completely rule out the possibility of adding a lead female character for one of their impending games. In other words, the company is waiting for the right game with ideal themes for bringing out a female central character.

But until Rockstar Games officially confirms this, readers are advised to take these shreds of information lightly and watch this space for more "Grand Theft Auto VI" related news and updates.