One of Twitch's biggest streamers has been confirmed to be making a comeback next month. Guy Beahm, popularly known as Dr. DisRespect, has just announced his return alongside a brand new club. The "PUBG" and "Fortnite" streamer recently took to Twitter to announce his comeback, where a two-minute video was posted as it featured a battle-scarred Doc. Also, it may well seem that he and his wife (known to fans as Nurse DisRespect) are back in each other's arms.

Doc 2.0

Per the short clip, the Doc stated that he "messed up big time," which is a reference to the personal issues that he endured this past month.

Another interesting part of the clip was the announcement of his new club, known as the Champions Club. Dr. DisRespect fans are very much acquainted with his Slick Daddy Club prior to this debacle. However, it looks like there's a bit of rebranding, as it was already evident on his Twitter account.

Nurse DisRespect to be on stream?

The Doc's wife was also in the video, though her face was not shown. With his wife riding his shoulders while poking a knife on his neck, the Doc addressed Nurse Disrespect as one "deadly assassin." Another thing worth mentioning is that Doc's wife still wears the ring, which pretty much confirms that they are still very much married.

That being said, with the new club name, and his wife getting featured on this teaser, this could mean that the Nurse turned "deadly assassin" might be showcased as a new character in Doc's return to Twitch, which is slated for next month.

At the time of writing, the video was already viewed over half-a-million times and has gained 40,000 likes and 13,000 retweets – a clear indication that the Doc was sorely missed.

It is expected that trolls will be present on his comeback stream ready to bash him with his infidelity.

Beahm snagged a couple of awards in 2017, as he was hailed Streamer of the Year by the E-Sports Awards and the distinction of being the Trending Gamer at last year's Game Awards. Before being tapped as a community manager by Sledgehammer Games, he's already been a content creator on YouTube as the mustachioed 90s-looking gaming champ.

However, the persona went on hiatus as he was hired by the mentioned game developer to be its level designer for their "Call of Duty" titles.

The Doc will be back (alongside Nurse DisRespect?) on Twitch on February 5. Mark your calendars Doc faithfuls. Check out a video about Guy Beahm (Dr. DisRespect) below.