There is nothing to stir up the conversation about video games, as an art form, like the sweeping visual style of "Shadow of the Colossus." Given the immense popularity of the game, it is no wonder that it has been ported multiple times so that we can feel evermore guilty about destroying these gentle giants. So, much like the movie industry in America, we decided to reboot it. This, understandably, might anger some people, but perhaps a version with only aesthetic improvements and more modern, flexible, controls could be worth it? I did some investigation to see if this turned out to be the case (spoiler: it did, but you probably already know this, so let’s just see some numbers).

Let perfection not be the enemy of the good

The original game almost never got lower than an 8.5 out of 10 on game review sites, ranging from an 8.7 by GameSpot, to 10/10 from Eurogamer. But numbers can only justify art judgment so much; what are some of the features that made it a game to (or not) spend large amounts of your life on either the back of a horse or a kaiju? GameSpot’s Brad Shoemaker commented that some of the controls were “unwieldy” and there were some technical issues to “mar the superb visuals.” Based on the various playthroughs I have seen on Youtube, this seems to have a basis in truth. But whether you think it is just a slight “bad” to be taken with the goodness of the game, that it is not a fault forgiving the limitations of technology at the time.Let’s see how the new one compares.

We can get pretty close to perfection

Apparently, you can improve perfection. Many of the reviews are even higher than the original, with GameSpot giving this version a 9/10, and Destructoid giving a 10/10. Many other sites refused to go below 9/10 as well. Some may ask “Well, of course, it will get raving reviews, it is a prettified version of the original.

” One must remember though that gamers have a long history of holding their cherished games sacred, to be left untouched. Indeed, Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo DS should have been a much better version, even adding other playable characters such as Luigi and Yoshi, but they also changed many elements to take the fun of the difficulty out as well.

But with the "Shadow of the Colossus" remake, there seems to be no such trouble. If you have not played the remake, you might be too distracted by the pictures to need this article to be convinced! Even if we consider what you cannot see, apparently the controls are much tighter. So you may not be able to fit this colossal art in the museum, but you can fit it into a few days of you comparatively monotonous life.