Epic Games has recently announced that "Fortnite's" update 2.4.0 will be put on hold due to the building bug that has been plaguing the game for quite some time now. It looks like the issue may take some time to be figured out as the game maker has rolled out an update about its current lowdown.

Put on hold

The devs posted an update over on FortniteBR's subreddit advising fans that they are still working on the issue. It was also stated that if the building bug will not be resolved during the day, the abovementioned patch will be delayed. However, Epic provided a temporary workaround to get rid of the game-breaking bug.

Per the developer, they've announced that they'll be bringing back update 2.2.0's building bar system as they are still investigating the issue.

Epic even gave a heads up that more bugs will go alongside version 2.4.0's release. They went on advising the community to check their website's Known Bugs section and call their attention whenever a new bug arises.

A couple of new bugs

In line with this, "Fortnite" players have begun noticing a new bug in the game that has grown to become pretty frustrating. The third-person shooter's loot chest has become some sort of a troll as of late as players claim that a lot of them are empty.

As a result, members of the FortniteBR subreddit recently put up a mega thread that solely talks about the ongoing issue. Epic immediately responded to this latest player concern as they stated in a tweet that they are already aware of it adding that it's also being investigated.

Another glitch was recently brought up by players, where knocked down opponents in Battle Royale have this some sort of dash attack instead of a slow crawl.

This has irked quite a number of players, who have experienced it giving them the impression that these downed gamers could be exploiting the glitch.

Meanwhile, the bogged down update for "Fortnite" was supposed to usher in the Minigun into the game's Battle Royale. Per the patch notes, the upcoming weapon will be using light ammunition and will fire as fast as the SMG.

It was also stated that it can be acquired in both Supply Drops and Chests.

A so-called Controller AutoRun will also be added as this feature was previously requested by a physically challenged member of the "Fortnite" community. This toggle will allow players to turn on/off the autorun feature that was introduced in patch 2.3.0. Check out a video about the game below.