The latest updates for the "Spider-Man" PS4 video game reveal new gameplay development details. Insomniac Games Art Director Jacinda Chew announced on Twitter, several in-game details, that she has tried when she played the game, and a few suggestions to improve it.

Insomniac Games told GamesRadar that they are preparing a series of test runs for the "Spider-Man" game in order improve its in-game features, or add more during its development cycle when a playable demo arrives this year. The new "Spidey" game will feature a Peter Parker trying to balance his normal life and being a costumed vigilante as new evil emerge to terrorize New York in the form of Martin Li a.k.a.

Mister Negative.

New gameplay updates

According to Jacinda Chew, Spidey in the game will have the ability to swan dive towards the street and swing back up at the last minute. Chew noted that Peter's landing from buildings should be polished and encourage players to swing "stylishly" on buildings.

The art director also revealed that the "Spider-Man" PS4 game is being finalized and it will not be long for them to put the game on the shelves of every video game store. Design director Brian Horton announced before that he played the game three times, as he enjoys the benefits of the team's hard work.

It will not be long for Insomniac Games to announce a working demo for the PlayStation 4 this year as both Marvel and video game fans are itching to get their hands on it and experience Peter's world as they explore New York as the web-slinger.

What do we know so far?

The story of the new "Spidey" game will feature Peter facing a new enemy named Negative Man, while he tries to balance his complicated life.

Players will have the opportunity to explore some areas in the game as Peter and interact with famous supporting characters such as Aunt May, Mary Jane Watson, Miles Morales, and more.

Players will not only control Spidey in the game but also MJ as her gameplay will involve stealth and taking pictures of evidence against villains.

Game director Bryan Intihar told GamesTM that Miles Morales's role in the game has been expanded as he bonds with Peter.

Miles in the game will work with Peter's aunt in the homeless shelter run by Martin Li. Spidey must stop Li from taking over the city's criminal underworld. Other villains in the game include Shocker, Wilson Fisk, and Norman Osborn.The combat system will feature the use of acrobatic moves and different web shooter settings to create a dynamic combo.