Simmers can rejoice as the latest "Sims 4" pack is available and ready to play. It was released 17 January. The most recent installment is called "Laundry Day Stuff" which is perfect for your sim's hygiene.

In April 2017, the Sims developers let the community help create a new stuff pack by voting for a theme and the public voted for Laundry Day. Fans love a realistic feel like normal day life when playing as their sims in a virtual world, which is why laundry day theme was number one in the votes.

Fans can add a Washing Machine and dryer to their household, gather up their washing and load it into their washing machine and dryer for pristine clothes.

Simmers can also dress up in a variety of country living outfits and fill their homes with rustic decor.

The Sims 4 - washing machine and dryer features

There are many colors to choose from the color swatches for your washing machine and dryer. Play around with bright colors, such as, red and blue or pick a soft pastel pink or blue. Thankfully, the dryer can be stacked on top of the washing machine if you have limited space in your household.

If you're an eco-friendly type, you can use a wash tub and clothesline instead. It'll be more work, but it'll be fun watching your sims kneel in front of a metal tub and therapeutically wash their clothes by hand.

Another feature for your laundry day needs are wicker baskets with many shapes and designs to choose.

The Sims 4 fun outfits for your sims

Your sims can dress up in bohemian and country style outfits with floral prints and designs. There are many beautiful items for women wear, such as dresses, tops and skinny jeans paired with a wide belt. The shoe wear is simple but stylish and together with over knee socks your sims will look perfect.

There are not many options to choose for men, only three tops and two pants. It's the same for children, just two items to select, a dress or sweater. Excitingly your sims, aged teen and up get new hairdos, an updo with a hairclip and an adorable bun with a hairband for the women and a unisex hairstyle for the men.

The Sims 4 - entertaining gameplay for a mundane chore

Although doing washing is a dull, repetitive chore this pack makes it entertaining with the detail and the way you choose to do your laundry. When your sim changes their outfit, you can then do your washing, and the dirty level of your clothes will depend on your sims hygiene.

There is a laundry additive tray upgrade, which will choose your scent outcome; fragrant, this will smell sweet and show butterflies flying around the clothes and foul, which will smell bad and show flies buzzing around the clothing.

There are 46 items to choose from in the buy items to make your gameplay enjoyable.