Bungie has officially rolled out another installment of the Faction Rally event in "Destiny 2" after the recent hotfix was fully implemented. However, a lot of players have noticed early on that something's not right, as the faction token drops are pretty difficult to come by. The "Destiny" subreddit is, as of late, riddled with posts pertaining to the issue. Most of them were given the impression that Bungie is at it again with their sneaky antics.

Players crying foul

One of the Redditors (CodProXox) took to the mentioned subreddit to raise the concern.

Per the player, it may well seem that Bungie has "put the Faction Token lockouts on public events."

In his post, he claims that he made some grinds in four public events. However, in all four activities, only one of them rewarded him with Faction Tokens. That being said, the player added that the event has grown to become one ridiculous joke and went on stating that Bungie made its community wait for a couple of months only to irk its players anew.

Bungie responds

The Reddit post is currently gaining some traction as it has been raking in quite a number of upvotes from fellow Guardians.

Before the issue could get any bigger, Bungie's Community Manager Cozmo joined in the conversation. He responded, stating that they are looking into it, though he claimed that he has read other comments in the thread about other players that were not affected by the so-called throttle. Additionally, he advised players to notify him if anyone is affected by this new game breaker.

Fans might recall the token glitch in previous iterations of the Faction Rally. However, it was already patched and the workaround that Bungie devised was the 15 to 20-minute lockout before Guardians could pull off the glitch again.

According to Bungie's recent patch notes regarding rallies, here is the list of events and the possible number of tokens players can get in the latest edition of the mentioned event.

  • Nightfall – 10 to 18 Faction Tokens
  • Strikes - five to nine
  • Heroic Public Events – five
  • Crucible Games – five for winners and two for losers
  • Lost Sector Chests – three tokens for each Fireteam Member (and for every lockout cooldown)

Meanwhile, game buffs pointed out both public events and Lost Sectors are still the best ways in grinding for Faction Tokens, albeit the alleged throttling. The event will have a run until January 23 which is the game's weekly reset. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" below.