"Destiny's" The Dawning event officially signed off a couple of days ago and fans are now expecting some major news to be dropped by Bungie today. However, some players claim that they experienced a Glitch even after the Holiday event was over.

Santa Cayde for a day

At the time of writing, the Redditor (Saxyhh) who brought this up stated that Bungie has patched the glitch. Albeit the fact it's no longer in the game, it's still interesting to know about it especially for "Destiny 2" players who missed this chance of farming an insane amount of loot, glimmer, and what not.

Per the Reddit post, the player claimed that this happened the very first day The Dawning was removed from the game. He added that he was just going about his typical routine of completing some weekly milestones and checking with Cayde-6 for some EDZ scout reports. By the time he picked up the return gift after completing one of the Dawning's daily gift requests, another one popped up prompting him to get another gift. To his surprise, the Exo's gift-giving spree went on and on.

The Redditor managed to snag a total of 200 Dawning gifts courtesy of what he calls a game-breaking glitch. He added that he was able to upgrade his light level repeatedly and at the same time raking in "a ton of glimmer" alongside 700 Legendary shards.

The player also stated that he tried to exit Cayde's menu screen and re-entered once again to see if this was just a one-time hiccup in the system. However, the glitch was still there even if he already restarted the game.

Other vendors too

Prior to the patch, it may well seem that other vendors in "Destiny 2" were also infected by the gift-giving bug.

Another Redditor who goes by the moniker thestonehammer claims that Ikora Rey too was glitched as he received a hefty sum of loot. Alongside the tons of loot that he got are glimmer (1,000) for every ship or sparrow that he broke down.

Meanwhile, it looks like Bungie confirmed the return of collectibles in "Destiny 2." A player recently took to Twitter to ask the developer if they will be bringing back such content into the game like dead Ghosts and the likes.

Game Director Christopher Barrett responded with a "yes," though the Community Manager pointed out that there will definitely be something for collectors, but not necessarily dead Ghosts. That being said, "D2" faithfuls believe that this will also be tackled in Bungie's upcoming blog post. Check out a video about the game here: