Kim Jong-un has, finally, had his way and Donald Trump is believed to have modified his earlier stance when he had indicated to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that talking to the hermit kingdom was a waste of time. The 2018 Winter Olympic in South Korea and Kim’s peace overtures to the South have forced Trump to have second thoughts and he has now consented to have talks with the leader of North Korea when it is appropriate.

CNN reports that the motive behind Kim's willingness to hold talks is shrouded in mystery. It is not clear whether he is feeling the pinch of global sanctions and wants to ease tensions.

It could also be that he wants to buy time to perfect and give finishing touches to his ICBMs for nuking the United States.

It is a complicated equation

The earlier perception changed dramatically when Kim Jong-un reactivated the hotline after two years and agreed to hold talks with South Korea on the 2018 Winter Olympics. It was a convenient platform and presented an opportunity that he wanted to exploit because it would help him to come out of isolation. The games would also promote the players of North Korea and help to improve the country’s sagging image.

The actions of Kim have taken Donald Trump by surprise. He had to tone down his responses and agree to keep military exercises in the Korean peninsula at bay for the duration of the games.

Officials in the Trump administration insist that there is no change in the policy of the United States, but it appears to be a tightrope walk. Only recently, there was a war of words between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump about the size of the nuclear button on their desks. There were also talks of carrying out a limited strike on North Korea with the fears of a nuclear war in the background.

Can peace return?

The sudden change in attitude on both sides could pave the road for peace in the Korean peninsula. Fears of a direct confrontation between North Korea and the United States appear to have receded, and Donald Trump can take credit for this. His decision to impose sanctions on the regime must have hurt Kim Jong-un and forced him to open the channels of communication.

The 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea was a handy excuse.

The United States has positioned its warships in the region and North Korea was threatening not just America but the whole world. It was regularly testing its missiles and identifying possible American targets. Hopefully, things will settle down now and another Hiroshima will be avoided.