Game developer Epic Games recently released a new update for their co-op base defense shooter “Fortnite.” It contained several new content, and improvements to both modes: Battle Royale and Save The World. A new trap was also added, which is called the Cozy Campfire trap.

The developers also added new support for NVIDIA to improve visuals and gameplay. Other contents included in the update are tweaks for gameplay balancing, changes on several items, and some bug fixes.

Battle Royale changes in weapons

The new update for the video game changed the mechanics for the Boogie Bomb dance effect.

It is now removed when it gets damaged. The game developers promised that they would continue to check its status from time to time and make changes when necessary.

The Boogie Bomb’s rarity was also changed with the new update. It now has a blue or rare highlight so that it can be represented properly as a true rare weapon.

Bugs in gameplay now fixed

Before the new patch was implemented, several bugs were spotted by both the fans and the developers. With the new one, “Fortnite” is now working a lot better.

One of the problems was an animation issue that happened when players enter the DBNO state while they were in the air. Another issue caused sniper bullets to pass through players without damaging them.

There was also an issue that allowed some players to pass through the buildings they created and edited.

All of these issues were fixed with the new update. The developers are now vigilant in looking for more game breaking bugs that could hinder fair gameplay.

Improvements in audio

The update also tweaked and fixed bugs on the audio feature of the popular video game.

It increased the range of enemy footsteps that can be heard by players. It also increased the overall volume.

Epic Games knew that there is a bug that caused footsteps to play at weird paces when offscreen. They are currently trying to fix this problem, and they promised it would be done in the next update.

With the new update, enemy footsteps can now be heard better with certain actions.

Players can do this while building, collecting resources, or shooting at something.

Save the World gameplay bug now fixed

For the Save the World mode, a bug was fixed with the new update. The problem caused the player’s crafting to fail even though there was enough space.

Players that used Ninja smoke bombs sometimes healed their friends even though there was no Medicinal Fumes perk unlocked. The update fixed that and made it fair for all. The BASE MD perk can now heal all allies on the same floor.

Cozy Campfire addition

"Fortnite" players can now get their Cozy Campfire trap that can be found anywhere on the map. They must be placed on the floor and persist for 25 seconds to make it work. It heals up 2 HP per second and has blue rarity value.