There's only a day left before Bungie reveals the updates that they have promised for "Destiny 2." However, there are some alleged leaks that went live recently that seem to confirm an upcoming event and hint at a new game mode.

Crimson Days returning

Talk of "Destiny's" Valentine's event known as crimson days got some traction over the past few days and if the recent leaks are anything to go by, it looks like it will be making a comeback in "Destiny 2." A Redditor (Ginsor) recently took to Destiny's subreddit to reveal what he claimed to have datamined within the PC files of the game.

Per the Reddit post, the leak contained scripts and graphics pointing to the event. However, the Redditor stated that this year's Crimson Days is likely to be strongly associated with "Destiny 2's" very much despised Eververse. Nonetheless, the YouTuber known as xHOUNDISHx pointed out that the contents of this leak went out alongside the release of "Curse of Osiris."

Some of the scripts that were unearthed include dialogue talking about Tess Everis and the Eververse, Lord Shaxx, and mission objectives. There's also an interesting script suggesting that a new game mode is on the way. The datamined script suggests that players need to "win a Crimson Days match in sudden death." Details about this game mode are still undisclosed, though it will be quite interesting to see if it will come to fruition in the future.

An additional script that was dug up hints at an item (probably a Ghost) that will keep track of the number of enemies taken down by a player during the event. There's also another one that mentioned the immortal Cryptarch/Warlock of the Iron Temple Tyra Karn and her "certain fondness" for Crimson Days.

Alongside the leaked scripts are new cosmetic items that are in relation to the rumored event. In line with this, it was already reported beforehand that weapons in "Destiny 2" will be getting Crimson Days-themed ornaments, though it was believed back then to be associated with the recently concluded Dawning event. For the uninitiated, the weapons include The Wardcliff Coil (Dieselpunk), Sweet Business (Go About Your Business), Prometheus Lens (Prism), and the Graviton Lance (Carina Nebula).

Cozmo responds

Not long after the Redditor posted the leak, Bungie's Community Manager Cozmo responded to it and confirmed that the event is bound to happen. He also hinted that it won't be the same in relation to last year where players were very disappointed by it. He went on, stating that this would be included in Thursday's blog post. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: