Bungie has recently pulled off an extensive blog update, as it detailed what can be expected by its player base with "Destiny 2." Just when everyone thought that everything was addressed, its game director recently took to social media to add some more. Reports from Twitter were used as the basis for this article on "Destiny 2" rumors.

Barrett at it again

Game director Christopher Barrett has grown to become a household name in the "Destiny" community these days, as he recently tweeted something interesting about "Destiny 2's" weapons. In his latest tweet, it may well seem that huge updates are in the pipeline for the online shooter's weapons.

According to Barrett, the game's "most skillful or visceral" weapons (Fusion Rifles, Shotguns, and Snipers) need to return to glory. He even stated that the game needs more weapons both in the hunt of getting them and in terms of power. Barrett went on stating that Exotics "need to live up to their name" and added that they are currently working on it. He then made another tweet, admitting that this element of the game was not properly highlighted in the recent blog post, though he assured the community that this is now being worked on by their sandbox team.

Reverting to D1's weapon system?

That being said, it can be recalled these were mentioned in the recent blog update as these are expected to be more detailed in spring of this year. Per the recent post, there will be sandbox tweaks based on player feedback and data retrieved from gameplay. It also mentioned a comprehensive design pass for both Exotic weapons and armor that would make them stand out as they'll be offering "new, exciting, and powerful ways to play." Bungie also hinted that there will be improvements on both Archetype and Weapon Slots this year which led to a number of fans musing about it.

"Destiny 2" players, on the other hand, believe that Bungie could be reverting back to "D1's" system (Primary, Special, and Heavy), though game buffs pointed out that this will be quite a handful. Others speculate that the weapons could be getting some much-needed buffs which are also plausible.

Whichever of these mentioned rumors gets implemented in Season 3, the fandom is beginning to appreciate Bungie as they continue to reach out to players.

Fans are keeping their fingers crossed that Bungie's "better communication" approach will be the new norm moving forward. Also, they'll be keeping a watchful eye to make sure that the things posted in the recent blog post will be properly implemented in the coming months. In the meantime, check out a video about "Destiny 2" below.