Digital Extremes has recently rolled out their first-ever Devstream for 2018, though it was cut short due to a fire alarm that suddenly went off. However, before things got a bit serious, the team was able to spill a hefty sum of intel about what's coming in "Warframe."

Prime Vault

One of the most interesting topics that were discussed during the stream was the announcement of the Prime Vault that will be unleashed on February 6. That being said, Loki Prime, Frost Prime, and Ember Prime will be having respective packs available for purchase or players can grind for their relics in the Star Chart interface.

DE's Design Director Scott may well seem to have confirmed that the next landscape will be on Venus. He did not mention, though, any specific location in the stream. However, the "Warframe" community is very much aware that it will be on that planet. Scott even hinted that Tenno's will be needing a map for this upcoming landscape.

Another game tweak that was featured is that players can now ride Dargyns on the Plains of Eidolon. A gameplay on how to ride Grineer-themed combat skiff was even featured in the stream, though it was pointed out that it's still in its early stages of development.

Damage 2.5 and Khora were also mentioned. It looks like all the things that they stated early on in the workshop were thrown out of the window as they hinted that they'll be making more radical changes with Damage 2.5.

The question as of late by the "Warframe" community is how radical will those changes be. As for Khora, DE stated that they will be "decoupling" it from Damage 2.5 as they will be "rethinking its goals and objectives."

Mesa Deluxe

The gunslinger, Mesa, is bound to get some new skin as the Devstream teased a model of its Deluxe Skin.

The developer added that the pirate-looking variant will be rolled out alongside some musket inspired sidearms.

Zephyr Prime?

In line with this, DE may have just given its community the impression that Zephyr Prime could already be in the pipeline. They didn't exactly mention about it, though they stated that there's a rework going on as they have already taken suggestions from both fans and colleagues, adding that they are already weighing in those action points.

Also, the 11th round of the TennoGen is slated to kick off next week for PC players, adding that it will be split into three installments that will go on for a month. Console players, on the other hand, will have to wait for further announcements as to when will these drop on their platform.

Lastly, it was revealed that Equinox, Nidus, Titania, and Harrow will be getting some augments in the near future. DE only managed to feature the augment for Nidus before the fire alarm went off that prompted them to end the stream. Nonetheless, they assured fans that this will be included in the next Devstream. Check out a video about "Warframe" below.