"World Of Warcraft" is a gaming franchise that has brought "Blizzard" series tremendous success. With “Hearthstone,” “Overwatch,” “Heroes of the Storm,” “World of Warcraft” is by far their longest lasting and highest grossing game. This is due to its subscription-based pricing, which has brought them an extreme amount of sales and has allowed the company to have a large foothold in the marketplace of the gaming community. For some time, many of the past expansions have caused much upset, especially after the initial excitement. Many people believe that “World of Warcraft” has lost its flare in the gaming community.

Working hard to stay up to date, "Blizzard" is back, and has finally declared an official expansion. It is ready to flex its muscle to its competition. “World of Warcraft” is ready to get back into business and become the number one franchise. They plan to do this with the new “Blizzard” Expansion.

Back to business

Many of the older players of the game have turned away in shame. They feel as if the game has lost what it had back in the days of Vanilla (the original servers that ran the game). According to “WorldofWarcraft.com," "Blizzard" is trying to listen to these oppositions and is currently working hard at creating new races and even new content that can be instantly playable with friends.

They have decided to keep their character boost program; this essentially boosts your selected character within ten levels of the maximum game level. They have also decided to add new bosses and dungeons, both of which are direct attempts to gain back classic/older players. Now featured in the game are many old favorites along with some new additions.

These additions include hidden islands (worlds), new armor, and even new ways to talk to friends.

The new communities section shows in-game people to talk with that may be doing similar quests or like similar things. If you want to be a part of a group to find the next best spots to mine, you may have found your new home. This new way to talk to people is a lot more unique than the typical general chat featured in various cities across the realm.

This concept is new but will be very interesting to try and explore what it has to offer. Needless to say, it has many people curious.

Tons of new races

As stated on "WorldofWarcraft.com," there are six new races featured in the new "Battle For Azeroth" expansion. These races include old favorites like the Highmountain Tauren and an upgraded Draenei, such as the Lightforged Draenei. Each of these new races puts a special twist on its previous race, like the Tauren and Draenei race mentioned above. This will make an interesting playthrough of classics with new attributes. Many people are excited to see what these new additions will bring.

These races also include allowing people to join you on your questing.

If you are in the Alliance faction, you are able to have Dark Iron Dwarves. This similarly goes for the Horde faction, who will receive Zandalari Trolls for their questing missions. They seem incredibly interesting, and by the looks of it, they may gain armor over time simply by working side-by-side with the player. Regardless, these race upgrades were much awaited, and they stick with the core of the storyline, which is something that older players have been missing.

Overall, the changes that are coming for the "World of Warcraft" community are major and will have a huge impact on the gameplay. These changes look as if "Blizzard" is trying to regain its old Vanilla players back. This is a great sign and could be the change everyone was looking for.

Here's to hoping that classic “World of Warcraft” is making a comeback and that the developers are finally changing things, in order to get back on track with their original market. As of now, you can join a BETA test for the game, but stay tuned to see an official release date.