Wawa and Sheetz are two of the biggest giants when it comes to convenience stores around the northeast region of the United States. Many people take sides and defend their favorite store. There is a huge list of pros and cons that will be discussed. Hopefully, you can get ready to go enjoy the next "Hoagiefest," $1 drink promotions, or 4 apps for $3 all summer long! Let’s dive on in to explain some of the differences of each of these super popular stores.

A basic rundown of each store

The Wawa store is set up in a very circular design in most stores.

The cash registers are in the front middle and usually feature a variety of candies and snacks underneath. Wawa is known for their breakfast sandwiches or “Sizzli’s.” These sandwiches are kept on the counter and stock daily from 5 AM until around 11 AM. These cabinets are then stocked with mozzarella sticks, potstickers, and even cheese filled pretzels.

Most of the food at Wawa can be ordered at the screens that feature a variety of sandwiches, breakfast wraps and bowls, and even soups. Wawa uses fresh quality ingredients and really gives a pretty good sandwich for a convenience store/gas station. This helps keep Wawa ahead of other competitors alike.

Another awesome thing about Wawa is their coffee selection.

Wawa has a large variety of coffees and a coffee station with soy milk, almond milk, and a variety of regular milk. This is a great choice, especially for the new year sale, according to Wawa.com, that dates from January 1, 2018, until TBA. Whether you are craving a Columbian, Kenyan, or regular roast coffee, Wawa has the coffee for you.

Wawa works hard to provide its customers with authentic and homestyle delicacies, such as their limited time white chicken chili.

Sheetz goes about their store setup in a way that is drastically different than Wawa. Entering Sheetz one will see bright flashy signs and displays with current promotional offers. Sheetz prides itself on fast service.

With many fried items and meal deals, Sheetz is a great place to go on a budget.

Sheetz also features places to sit down and enjoy your meals, which is different to the limited outdoor seating at Wawa. Sheetz works hard to provide an aisle like experience that has different candy selections along the way until you reach the checkout counter. Sheetz is a great Fast Food experience and is a great place to go to if you are looking for a fast and enjoyable experience.

Differences in the food

Wawa is a very big contender in the morning coffee business. With its $1 coffee/soft drink specials almost year round, it is always a great place to go and get a morning drink. Try the “Coca-Cola Freestyle” machines to enjoy your favorite soft drink.

Wawa has many homestyle food choices.

During the Thanksgiving season, Wawa serves a turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwich. In the Christmas season, eggnog and peppermint hot chocolate are stocked and flowing in the thermos. Wawa serves paninis and soups, which is basically always a great gourmet combo.

If you are looking for something lighter, Wawa has a variety of fruits such as mangoes, strawberries or even egg white only wraps. Wawa really takes its time when adding interesting dishes to its stores and this is very apparent with one glance of the touchscreen menu.

Sheetz has a very different approach to its food choices. Sheetz provides a wide variety of favorites for all. Hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, quesadillas, and even churros, Sheetz has pretty much everything you could want for a fast, convenience store.

In the morning they have their “M-T-Go” (made to go) section set up front with a variety of breakfast foods, while still opening their “M-T-O” (made to order) touchscreen options available. Sheetz has premade options already selected in certain MTO items, but if you want to create your own, it’s easy to do. Fried food isn’t the only thing they serve, their front cases are filled with different desserts and fruits, and even salads and sandwiches if you’re in a hurry. There’s nothing you can’t find here.

Whether you are looking for fast food sandwiches or a peppermint coffee, Sheetz and Wawa have the selections for you. Both companies have a great reward and credit card options available for daily use.

Rack up your points and earn free items at Sheetz, or receive $25/cents off a gallon of gasoline (first two months) at Wawa. Download both apps to receive a variety of rewards. Go enjoy your next stop at Wawa or Sheetz today!