Shamrock shakes are a staple at “Mcdonald’s” during the St. Patrick’s Day season. Every year from the beginning of February until roughly the end of March, “McDonald’s” releases their minty-fresh milkshakes. Last year they decided to try something different with these refreshing shakes by adding in chocolate. “McDonald's” launched their Chocolate Shamrock Shake last year along with the Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe and the Shamrock Hot Chocolate. Adding chocolate to their classic shake brings a new flavor to an old favorite, and it’s back for another year!

Did somebody say chocolate?

Everyone knows that chocolate and mint go together like peanut butter and jelly. It has been a staple flavor from mint chocolate chip ice cream to the “Andes Chocolate Mints.” People all over love the chocolate addition from the chocolate shake to the shamrock chocolate chip frappe. Taking a twist on a favorite is one of “McDonald's” specialties, and the Shamrock shake is no exception. “McDonald’s” is known for having great, fast, tasty food. They switch up classics all of the time, and the Shamrock Shake deserves the same amount of love as any other menu item, even though it’s only out for a limited time.

These delectable milkshakes have been out since the 1970s, according to “McDonald’s” advertisements.

It only fits that they spice up this old favorite, as they do with many of their other products. The Shamrock Shakes new additions of chocolate have swept the nation, the Twitter world, and Facebook! Have you tried your Chocolate Shamrock Shake yet?

They’re back!

Since their release in 2017, according to, the new Shamrock shake additions have been sweeping the stores.

We cannot forget our beloved original, though. The original Shamrock shake has completely taken over “McDonald’s” market during the upcoming Spring seasons. Each year, hundreds of thousands of individuals across the United States express their love and adoration for these sweet shakes. According to Twitter’s recent trending hashtag, #ShamrockShake, everyone is asking “McDonald’s” when their local shop will get the goods to make this one-of-a-kind drink.

Along with the hashtag, you see many people posting their shakes showing them off to the Twitter world. Facebook is just the same. The earliest post on Twitter was February 13th, so don’t fret because you have a lot of time until these great shakes run out. If you haven’t fallen into the craze yet, I suggest you try it out. This popular drink is only out for so long, so catch the minty freshness before it’s gone!

The shamrock shake craze is always the biggest craze “McDonald’s” sees from February through the end of March. It may even be the most popular craze of all for “McDonald’s” due to the limited time offering of this product. The new additions of the chocolate shakes have lead people into a “McDonald’s” frenzy!

You have chocolate, mint while being wrapped up in a milkshake, so really, what more could you want? The flavor palette of this incredible milkshake is lives up to the hype. It’s minty fresh, very refreshing after your big “McDonald’s” meal! Check it out before it’s gone!