After game developer Bungie revealed that the hit game “Destiny 2” will release a PC version and will be available exclusively via, fans of Blizzard and the game went crazy. Since its successful release two days ago, players of Blizzard games are now speculating that with the new "Destiny 2" game version, all other Blizzard games will be impacted as well - including “World Of Warcraft.”

Here are three reasons why.

The prices of in-game gold

Players of “World of Warcraft” have the option to buy tokens for their in-game gold. These tokens can be redeemed for credit using the app.

In a lot of regions, the value of these tokens have increased drastically.

Even the “World of Warcraft” community noticed the increased value of these tokens in the Auction House. Because of this, a lot of players have been debating and arguing about the cause for this change. In EU, one token has already passed the 300,000 gold mark. Players in the United States do not yet see the sudden high jump because their token prices are already higher compared to other regions. There are a lot of player theories about the change in token values, but the two top reasons are: The PC version launch of “Destiny 2” and the “World of Warcraft” Expansion rumors.

Rumors about WoW’s expansion started to spread in the recent weeks, and even Blizzard started to drop hints that there would be an official announcement that will happen during this year’s BlizzCon.

The new expansion is believed to go under the name “Tides of Vengeance.”

Two more pieces of evidence

Two other things that ignited the spark of hope for a new expansion was last week’s update 8.00 which was released on “World of Warcraft” beta servers, as well as an announcement made by longtime Blizzard tie-in author, Christie Golden.

The author told players via Twitter that she is writing a new WoW novel which is due by May 2018. The “World of Warcraft: Before the Storm’s” synopsis, and exact release date is yet to be determined. Because of these two things, fans believe that this is reason enough to believe that a new expansion is coming.

Blizzard is still keeping mum about the “possible” expansion.

A lot of leaks are hitting the internet as the much-awaited Blizzcon is just a week away. Expect more hints to be dropped during the event itself. For now, even if there is no confirmation yet, some players are already purchasing piles of in-game gold to prepare for the expansion.