"Medievil," a hack and slash action-adventure game for the original PlayStation, is coming to PlayStation 4. It originally came out in 1998 and is getting a makeover. A date hasn’t been announced yet but at the PlayStation Experience yesterday (Dec. 8), Sony announced that it will be fully remastered for PS4. They showed a teaser trailer which showcased the new graphics and it’s 4K support. The original version of the game was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment’s Cambridge Studio.

About 'MediEvil'

"MediEvil" is about a skeletal failed knight named Sir Daniel Fortesque, who was resurrected by the evil sorcerer Zarok.

The sorcerer had cast a spell over the kingdom of Gallowmere to awaken his undead army in order to steal souls from the living.

Sony described the new game as a proper PS4-grade resurrection of the original game, which will soon be celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The game had a sequel that came out in 2000. In 2005, “MediEvil: Resurrection,” a remake of the original game released on PSP and in 2007 the original game was made available through PlayStation Network as a PSOne title for PS3.

'MediEvil' series spanned three games

The “MediEvil” series was inspired by Tim Burton’s, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The game was initially planned to be for multiple consoles, including Microsoft Windows and the Sega Saturn, but as the game was being developed, SCE decided to sign “MediEvil” to be PlayStation-exclusive.

The music in the series was composed by Andrew Barnabas and Paul Arnold, commonly known as Bob & Barn. Overall views have been very positive about the series, the graphics and the story were highly praised for the first two games.

According to Digital Trends, the original game starts in the year 1280. Sir Daniel is described as a knight who was famous for defeating the evil sorcerer Zarok and his army of undead.

In reality, Daniel died in the first volley of arrows but was resurrected to redeem himself 100 years later when Zarok returns.

In “MediEvil 2,” Sir Daniel wakes up 500 years later in Victorian London. He goes against Jack the Ripper and an evil sorcerer. The third game, “MediEvil: Resurrection,” was a remake of the original game and was released for PSP.

It was similar to the first game in that it was set in the medieval Kingdom of Gallowmere and Sir Daniel makes an attempt to stop Zarok’s invasion of the kingdom. Unlike the original, Sir Daniel is accompanied by Al-Zalam, a genie whose powers were taken by Zarok.