Good news for the fans of the popular open-world survival game, “Conan Exiles.” Funcom has another big gaming update coming this month. The new Update 32 is expected to bring enhancement and additional features to the survival game.

According to True Achievement, the upcoming Update 32 will introduce new armors, building pieces and weapons. Additionally, it will also add the amazing dynamic weather system and more. Update 32 will arrive next week.

"Conan Exiles" is currently available only on Steam Early Access Program (PC) and the Game Preview Program (Xbox One).

However, the developer is now working on its full game release next year. The popular survival game was first introduced in the market in January 2017 through Steam Early Access Program. Funcom plans to make a full game release sometime between April and July 2018 with the PS4 version included.

About the Update 32 and the recent developer livestream

Earlier this week, Funcom made a livestream about its upcoming Update 32. In the livestream, Funcom creative director Joel Bylos and Community manager Jens Erik Vaaler made some good explanation and revealed the highlight of the upcoming Update 32. The studio also released a youtube video about the developer livestream, providing fans with some good idea about what to expect from the upcoming update.

Update 32 follows the game’s latest update, which just arrived last November. The studio’s latest update, Update 31, introduces inventories for thralls, allowing players to equip themselves with gear and clothing. The latest Update 31 also added workbenches and lots of new building materials, allowing players to build even better structures on "Conan Exiles" game.

Conan Exiles to increase price this week

According to Inquistr, "Conan Exiles" will now cost around $49.99 starting this week. However, Xbox players will have some chance to get it for $17.50. Funcom is said to be working for the eventual release of the survival game next year. The company is currently taking pre-orders for their upcoming survival game, the website reported.

Under the new price list, the Xbox One version, which previously can be purchased from the Microsoft Xbox Store for only $34.99, will get some price change. Starting December 8 through December 10, Funcom will charge $17.50 for the survival title. And when the sales end, the price of the game will be raised in the Xbox store to $49.99 and will be made available for pre-orders for the gaming consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). Stay tuned for more "Conan Exiles" updates.