Recently, Ubisoft detailed some of the new contents and updates coming to its tactical shooter game “Ghost Recon Wildlands.” This week, the studio finally revealed to the gaming world the second update to the Ghost War PvP mode.

According to GameSpot, the second update is the Jungle Storm and it’s scheduled to arrive next week, December 14. The free update will include two new classes, extra maps for two modes and the Ranked Play.

The Jungle Storm follows the Interference content update, which was released last November. The recently launched Interference added several new maps along with the new PvP class Disruptor and a new objective-based game mode called Uplink.

Ubisoft’s new update highlights Pathfinder

As mentioned earlier by GameSpot, the Jungle Storm update will bring some extra maps for Elimination and Uplink modes, along with some new weapons and gameplay updates for both PvE and PvP modes.Ubisoft’s next update will also introduce the Ranked Play, which allows players and their squad to compete against others to reach the highest ranks in the tactical shooter game.

But the real highlights of the upcoming Jungle Storm update will be the two new classes, which are expected to bring unique gaming experience. The first new class is the lethal Pathfinder, a stealthy Ghost equipped with a deadly crossbow. Ubisoft said that this new class can’t be marked by drones.

The other one will be revealed the day prior to the update’s release. Both of the new classes will be available on all “Ghost War” PvP modes.

In addition to the Jungle Storm update, the studio is also planning five more free PvP updates, coming between January and April of next year. These are the Extended Ops, New Assignment, reinforcement, and last, the Bravo 6.

These new PvP updates will also add new maps as well as new classes and modes, though the studio hasn’t talked much about those updates.

The company’s next “Ghost War” update is expected to arrive sometime in January of next year, and Recon players who already owned the Season Pass will automatically gain access to every new class a week early, the GameSpot said.

Finally, the studio will be detailing more about the new updates and other important upcoming updates in a livestream, which will take place on December 13. Fans can watch the gaming livestream on the studio’s official Twitch channel.

Other gaming-related stories

In other gaming-related news, Ubisoft also announced that “Ghost War” will be made available as a standalone purchase for just $14.99. The announcement also includes an exclusive 7-day early access, which provides some players the ability to unlock every new class added to Ghost War update.

At the end of the exclusive 7-day early access program, “Ghost Recon” players are expected to unlock new classes with credits earned through purchase from in-game store or progression.

Ubisoft first introduced “Ghost War,” which grants access to all new additional content, as a free update to its tactical shooter game earlier this year. “Ghost Recon Wildlands” is currently available on PC., PS4 and Xbox One.