After several days of teasing, sega has finally revealed the fourth iteration of the “Valkyria Chronicles” game franchise: “Valkyria Chronicles 4.” They also revealed that it will be coming to console platforms next year.

The game company gave some background information about the video game’s story and details of some new original characters. They also announced that it will have a downloadable content that will feature characters from the original game title.

Fourth game coming next year

SEGA has announced that the fourth iteration of their popular part overhead turn-based strategy, part RPG, and the part-real time third-person shooter will be coming in Summer 2018.

It will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. It will be released worldwide, but the Japanese version will come earlier on March 21, 2018.

Background story details revealed

The game company revealed some information about the game’s Background Story. The continent of Europa is currently having the Second Europan War between the Autocratic Eastern Imperial Alliance and the Atlantic Federation. The Federation begins their desperate attempt to defeat the Imperials: Operation Northern Cross.

Squad E is composed of Commander Claude Wallace and his childhood friends. They will be sent to this desperate mission fighting against imperial soldiers, a new Valkyria, and the frozen battlefield.

Same timeframe as the original game

SEGA revealed that “Valkyria Chronicles 4” will take place at the same time as the original “Valkyria Chronicles,” but it will focus on a new cast of characters. The new cast will compose of Commander Claude Wallace, Darcsen Raz, Riley Miller, Kai Schulen, and more.

BLiTZ battle system will be new

In this new game title, the BLiTZ battle system will be new, and it will have new features. It will have a new class called the Grenadier, Last Stand feature, new support options via battleship, and more. Players will also be glad to know that they will be playing on bigger maps.

CANVAS visual is back

The CANVAS Graphics Engine is back to give the game its signature hand-drawn visual style. It also has its new additions to the engine’s new overhaul. Players will be in awe as the story unfolds like an interactive painting.

Original game’s characters in DLC

SEGA announced that a story DLC will be included called “Joint Battle with Squad 7.” Players will be able to control “Valkyria Chronicles’” characters like Alicia, Largo, Rosie, and Isara. The first print bonus will also include Edy as a playable character in the main game.

Good comeback from failed spin-off

After the disappointing sales of the spin-off named “Valkyria Revolution,” the new title is a welcome announcement for the fans.

The spin-off failed to live up to the popularity of the franchise. It did have some good features, but it was a completely different game with its own setting.

Check out the "Valkyria Chronicles 4" announcement trailer here: