Fighting game fans tuned in last weekend as the Red Bull Battle Grounds tournament took place in Boston, Massachusetts. The event was also designated as the host of this year’s CAPCOM Pro Tour North American Regional Finals. Notable combatants such as PG/Punk, Liquid/KnuckleDu, Rise/Smug, and FOX/Justin Wong were in attendance and battled it out with others during the Top 8 finals. While it might seem that the highlight of the show was the tournament itself, a lot of viewers actually anticipated a surprise announcement related to “Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition”.

New V-Triggers showcased by latest ‘Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition’ trailer

According to CAPCOM, the trailer was intended to build up the hype for their presentation during the PlayStation Experience 2017 game show this December. The expo will be hosted by Sony at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. Gamers can expect to see surprise announcements, updates on some highly-anticipated AAA games, and even attend the CAPCOM CUP 2017 tournament that will take place in the same venue.

During the event, a new trailer for the next update took center stage. Viewers were finally able to get a glimpse of some of the new additions going into the game when it releases next year. Furthermore, it was confirmed that PlayStation Experience 2017 will feature a playable build of the new update.

Fans will be able to take their favorite fighters for a spin and try out some the new V-Triggers.

New DLC Characters anticipated

Another cleverly hidden hint was slipped in by the developer that further supported the recent rumors about the next wave of DLC characters.

While the trailer itself was devoid of any clues regarding new characters joining the roster, Sakura petals together with confetti were reportedly showered around the tournament area to promote the upcoming CAPCOM Cup 2017 tournament. It was obviously a big clue that the fighting schoolgirl will make an appearance soon. While it might be a ploy to throw off fans from the real announcement, a recent leak seeks to say otherwise.

Leaks reveal more than expected

If the character teaser that floated around wasn’t obvious enough, a recent set of leaks also supported the rumors that Sakura is making a comeback in “Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition.” The next most popular character that a lot of people want in the next update is definitely Sagat. The Muay Thai master has long been rumored to make his return. However, it seems that fans might get even more with the speculation that a few “Third Strike” could be included for free.